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Best Bras: Bra Tips for VERY Large Chested Women

Dear Budget Fashionista:
I need some serious help! I have HUGE breast (44J) and I need help finding a good bra that fits.
Answer:Figure Magazine recently wrote some great tips on finding a good bra if you cup “runneth over” which included, looking for spillage, focusing on wide straps, and making sure the middle section of the bra lies comfortably against the center of your chest.
Focus on fit and support rather than style (meaning the dreaded underwire). Yes, you want to rock the frilly lace bras, but no one will notice it if your breast are hanging down to your knees.

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FLA Stylee

Wednesday 7th of November 2007

my bra doesnt fit well at all.. Does your bra fit? this is awesome advice.. i also wanted to share with you ladies how i found some MORE great tips on how to get the right bra size on this website.. it’s run my a professional fashion stylist.. a woman named Amy Gordon.. i’ve definitely seen her referenced as a “Style Expert” in Life&Style;Weekly Magazine.. so at least,it makes me feel better now to know, that she knows what she’s talking about, according to a reputable source!! here is what she had to say on her blog about this pain-in-the-rear of a topic:

For quite some time I made the assumption that women understood how their bras should fit. After spending several years working one on one clothing women of various ages and sizes, I have come to realize I was grossly mistaken. While the foolproof way to find your best fit is to get a bra fitting, I will provide you with a few basic fit tips: 1. Your bra should fasten on the first hook(s) so that it can accommodate stretching. 2. The band of your bra should go straight around your back, underneath your bust line. If the band is riding up in the back, your band is too big. Conversely, if you have skin hanging over the sides, your band is too small. 3. You should have no ripples on the cups of the bra. If it ripples, it’s too big. If your breasts are coming out of the cups, they are too small. 4. Last, keep in mind as you gain or lose weight your bra size WILL CHANGE. So get re-fitted anytime you have a fluctuation in your weight. The vast majority of women are wearing the rong size bra. Why does this matter you ask? The number one reason is you look THINNER when your bra fits your properly. Second, your clothes look better when your girls are up where they are supposed to be. In addition to bra fit, different clothing requires different types of bras. Just like you couldn’t have one pair or style of shoes, the same is true for bras,. Thankfully, bra technology has come a long way. So it’s easy to find anything that you need!

for more info i definitely recommend you check out what else Amy has to say at


Wednesday 7th of November 2007

Could you re-post the links to those archived posts?  Both of the current URLS are dead-ending; it appears that the address of those posts has altered with some of the recent website changes.

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