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Where to Find Great Plus Size Bras

Good News. Gone are the days that plus size women have to wear ugly bras made out of industrial material available in the thrilling colors of blinding white, dead flesh, and widow black.

There’s now a solid selection of stores that sell sexy plus size bras and lingerie (including few mall based stores like Macys and Nordstrom) that provide great support and tons of sexiness. Here’s a few our my favorite stores, depending on your needs, to find Plus Size bras for a reasonable price.

Places to Find Plus Sized Bras

For Everyday Sexy Plus Size Bras

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LaneBryant: Looking for a sexy, comfortable bra in up to size H cups and, here’s the kicker, under $50? Then Lane Bryant is your store. What I love about good ole LB and their Cacique (pronounced “Ka-Sheeq”) line is that it makes plus size bra shopping fun, with the bra area of the store having a “boutique” feel, which is rarity when you wear a larger cup size. Plus the brand has a wide assortment of plus size matching panties (again, another rarity in the world of fuller figure undergarments) and sleepwear.

For Finding Plus Size Sports Bras

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BareNecessities: BareNeccessities is like the mecca of plus size bras, with over 300 styles of bras for those of us with a lot on our chest and it’s probably the best store, online or off, to find Plus Size sports bras (over 29 styles available). Bn almost always has a great coupon available, so make sure to search for “BareNeccessities + Coupon” in Google, before purchasing.

For Designer Plus Size Bras on a Budget

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Nordstrom Rack: If you’re lucky (and I mean like Vegas lucky), you might be able to find high end designer plus size bras from big names like Chantelle, Freya, and Fantasie, on sale at Nordstrom’s outlet store. Expect to pay around $30-$40 for the bras (even on sale) and to spend a bit of time digging, but the treasures you find are well worth the effort.

For Bring Sexy (WAAAY) Back Plus Size Bras

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Fredericks of Hollywood: Ok, I know what you’re thinking about Fredericks- a collection of plus size bras you would find on, say, on a Playboy Playmate. While the store does have its share of very sexy undergarments and lingerie, it also has a larger selection of accessible sexy lingerie in cups up to F and sometimes larger. The prices are good, most bras are well under $50, and I love their selection of sexy hosiery.

Have the scoop on other stores that sell awesome Plus Size bras? Share in the comment section below.

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Friday 25th of September 2015 has plenty of plus size bras and great fit tips.


Wednesday 25th of March 2015

I buy my bras from a great online shop called mybraoutlet they do really great stuff and most bras are $10- awesome quality and famtastic price. They seem to specialise on plus size and have large cups too :(

Bust Up Cups

Friday 22nd of April 2011

Thank you for listing stores that provide a solid line of plus-sized bras that come in different colors besides white, nude, and black colors. Good post.


Sunday 17th of April 2011

QVC has a brand of bra sold there only,called Breezies.They all have an Ultimair lining which absorbs perspiration.I started wearing them exclusively a few years ago...they are so comfortable and have some really pretty styles.The best part? All are under $35.00!!

Claire Dumican

Thursday 14th of April 2011

We are an online store in Canada specializing in full bust and plus size bras exclusively. We have lots of gorgeous bras on hand and can special order sizes up to an L cup and 54 band. We ship for free across Canada and for a flat fee of $20CAD globally. There is no reason big busts shouldn't be beautifully supported!!

Cindy Laidlaw

Saturday 12th of October 2013

The only problem with this information is, is no link that I can find and no store name.

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