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Best Bras: How to Find the Perfect Bra and Other Undergarment Questions

Does your cup “spilleth” over? Does your back side have more dimples than a newborn baby? Our fearless undergarment expert Kathryn, give you solutions to these comment undergarment issues. Have a question of your own? As always, feel free to contact us.

Problem: My breasts are bulging out of the top or sides of the cup, and my bust looks lumpy under clothes.

Solution: This is a sure sign that the cup size you are wearing is too small, as your breasts should be totally encased in the cups. Try at least one cup size bigger. You might also want to try stretch cup bras, where the bras stretch to fit your breasts.

Problem: My cellulite shows through when I wear rayon pants.

Solution: You need a girdle. Try Spanx, a less grandma-like brand of stocking/girdles, which provides support and a smoothing effect, virtually eliminating the appearance of cellulite. You can find Spanx at most department stores, or score them for up to 50% less at Off Fifth, the Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet.

Problem: My bra rides up my back or moves around as I move.

Solution: Apart from trying to squeeze ourselves into cup sizes that are too small, the most common mistake we make is to wear back sizes that are too big. The strap around your body should fit snugly, and it will only move around if it is too big. If this is happening, you need to try a smaller back size. But REMEMBER: a smaller back size will also be smaller in the cup (i.e. a 34C is smaller in the back and cup than a 36C). For example, if you find a 36C fits you well in the cup but is too big around the back, you would need to try a 34D.

Problem: The wires stick out at the front or dig in under my arms.

Solution: When the wires stick out or dig in like this, it’s often because the cup size is too small and your breasts are forcing the bra away from your body. Try a cup size bigger so that the wires lie flat against your body and fully encase your breasts.

Problem: My bra straps dig into my shoulders and give me red marks.

Solution: The main support provided by a bra should come from the strap around your back, and not the shoulder straps. If your shoulder strap are digging in, you are probably wearing too big a back size, so you need to drop a back size. Alternatively, you may simply need to loosen the shoulder straps.

Problem: My bra cups are wrinkly, particularly at top and sides.

Solution: This is usually a sign that the cup size is too big, so you may want to try one cup size smaller. However, if the wrinkling is only at the tip of the cup, this could be an indication that the cup size is too small because your breasts cannot fit into the cups properly—in this instance, try one cup size bigger.

Problem: My love handles spill out of the top of my underwear.

Solution: You’re probably wearing the wrong type (and possibly size) of underwear. Although we want to feel sexy in thong panties and bikini briefs, these garments don’t provide the support needed for those who have a little extra loving in the middle and the back. Try wearing a brief, boy short, or even a lightweight girdle.

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DeNay Alvarado

Thursday 2nd of February 2012

every time i get a new bra my breast pop out from the cup

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