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Woman in office wearing patterned work dress

Professional Chic: 5 Dresses To Wear to Work

For many of us, the office is like the gym. We don’t always want to go, but pressing on anyway is often rewarded with a glow of satisfaction for a job well done. There’s...
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Wear Jeans to Work Like a Boss

Once upon a time, jeans were limited to casual Fridays. Today, women are rocking jeans every day of the work week. The trick to making jeans workplace-friendly is styling them right — which means...

Fashion Advice: Where to Buy Careerwear?

Question: I used to buy careerwear from Casual Corner (they are now closed along with the discounted store Annex). What designer/store specializes in careerwear (size 12+) that are basic and reasonably priced (e.g. $200...
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