6 Ways to Wear a Black Blazer

With this season’s color trends and bold patterns gracing everything from hats to flats, there’s one article of clothing likely feeling (as if clothes had feelings) left out: your classic black blazer. Like a forgotten friend, the poor thing has been tossed aside in favor of the more hip, popular types. For shame!

Time for you to mosey back into that closet and make everyone play nice. Classic blazer, meet geometric patterns, accessories and bold statements. Here are six great ways to wear a blazer

Six Tips for Wearing a Black Blazer

1. Know Thy Options

Crop blazers, knit blazers, linen blazers . . . one button or two, stand collars, ruffled collars . . . always a style for you. Okay, forgive the Dr. Seuss outburst (we like coffee over here) but point is, black blazer style options are endless. The key is choosing cuts and fabrics that work with your body, outfit and comfort level.

Ditch a long boyfriend blazer if you’re considering pairing it with a waist-flattering skirt; you lose the essence of the look when you cover yourself up. And hiding behind clothes is the last thing a fashionista like you ever does! A black fitted or cropped choice works best in that instance. Not wild about your bottom half or want to draw attention to your amazing new lipstick shade? Choose styles that draw the eye upward: ruffled collars are an unexpected, fun twist on a black blazer.

2. Have Fun. Seriously.
You can never go wrong pairing jeans with a black blazer. Sure, it’s been done time and again, but have you sported the look recently? Or at least worn it with something other than dark denim?

White denim or colored legs are terrific; we like the sophisticated-yet-playful air that a black blazer brings to the combination. Add a shimmery dipped-neck tank underneath and the ensemble becomes a powerful statement that says, “let’s have a girls’ night out, but know that the conversation may turn to Facebook stock or politics at any moment (but not for long).”

As we like to say, the look is a perfect way to “adult up” an otherwise casual style.

3. Take a Break
If you’re more on the conservative side or confess to being over (gasp!) the world of head-to-toe brights and color blocks, a black blazer is the ideal way to break things up while still staying true to your monochrome cronies. It instantly takes the edge off a
too-patterned or too-yellow look, transforming you from say, Big Bird. into Big Bird in a quaint coffee shop. You’re not fully dismissing the latest and greatest trends, just kinda, sorta giving them a cold shoulder for the moment. And that’s okay.



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