Are you a Fashion Distraction? How to Declutter Your Style

We’ve all been there. One too many “ooohhh, this looks amazing” exclamations and before you know it, you have more skirts than Charlie Sheen’s had women and warrants. It takes hours to throw together a simple outfit and you still can’t find your favorite shoes. Yikes. Looks like it’s time to declutter your style.
Check out these tips to become a fashion minimalista:

Decluttering Your Style

Don’t Dress Like a Coconut Tree
Avoid the F Word
Out with the Old, in with the New

Don’t Dress Like a Coconut Tree: Be cart-conscious! Being more aware of your purchases is good for your style and your bank account, so ease up on how fast you scoop up that island-inspired handbag…and that adorable palm-leaf-patterned hat, and that (whiplash) “Oh look! Those bamboo-green shoes would totally complete the whole ensemble!” (See how this goes?) Before you know it, your over-the-top cart frenzy will have you looking more touristy than terrific.

Go easy. Think: one bracelet in that tropic-inspired pattern and a fun nail color to nicely accent your outfit.

Compromise with your inner “But I really, really want it all” self and instead, purchase just one or two elements instead of the entire product line. Your look and your purse won’t be as weighed down! It’s easy to get carried away, but with some careful thought and some self-control, your newly- decluttered style will be looked—not laughed—at.

Avoid the “F- Word”: Step away from the “f-word” (force) and no one will get hurt. A forced look can severely complicate—and therefore, compromise—your style. It’s the tendency to want to wear so many things at once because a) after all, you didn’t buy them just to keep in the closet and b) they’re simply too awesome not to wear.

But you know that top with a daringly-low neckline? And that necklace you just purchased? Just because you’re so excited about the necklace you can hardly sleep at night does not mean it should be tossed in your fashion mix. When paired with a plunging neckline, that collar-grazing necklace (wonderful as it may be) can chop your upper half, well, in half. Your look becomes awkward and cluttered fast.

Sort Through it All: Ask yourself if you’ve worn an item in the past three months, or at all. If the tag’s still hanging on, you shouldn’t be. And that junk drawer where you just yanked a scarf from a hodgepodge of nail files and mustard packets? Don’t try it on for memory’s sake—chances are, you’ll get into that “But the style may come back” or “But it is kinda cute” mode and never toss it. After you’ve given it all a good, honest assessment, let your clothes go.

Out with the Old, in with the New: Before you reach for the trash bin, recycle! Sure, YOU may never wear a certain shoe, but there’s bound to be someone out there who will. We’re big fans of the Salvation Army, so seek out these places. Many times you can drop off anything from shoes to sundresses; they’re more than happy to have as much as possible.

Ask around. Tell friends, family and coworkers that you’ve got some clothes and handbags and find out if it’s anything they’ve been looking for. Get your drama on; sometimes local theaters or schools are seeking items for students’ performances. From funky hats to outdated blazers with shoulder pads, you might have just what they need.

Hit the Hair Salon: A simple, pulled-together look can fall apart in an instant when people start staring more at your three-inch dead ends than your three-inch heels. You’d be surprised at how getting a good cut can unclutter your style. Pass on all that distracting hair-behind-the-ear tucking and stop hiding your locks—and your overall look—in a mess of pins, bands and clips.

Feel Right at Home: Your living room and that dressing room have more in common than you think (hopefully your living room is larger, though!) Each is a place where you choose how you’re going to express yourself, a space to put it all together until you’ve acquired a look that works for you. But when that “gotta have it all now” mood kicks in, your living space can quickly go from inviting to irritating . . . just like with clothes, accessories and your hair. Tempting as all that cool home décor may be, avoid cluttering up your home’s style with unnecessary excess.

So there you have it. The saying is true: less is more. Choose carefully, avoid the “f-word” and learn to let go; a decluttered look refreshes your style, helps keep your bank account in check and reveals an even more beautiful you!

Question: How did you know when you had to give your style a declutter makeover? Let us know what you did to lighten up!