Fashion Advice for College Students

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Congratulations! You are starting your first year of college. No longer the Supreme Being you once were as a Senior in High School, you are about to embark on an adventure that will change your life . . . for better or for worse. Before I went to college, I wish I had someone to give me sound fashion advice, like a fashion godmother. My fashion godmother would have sat me down, over a nice lunch, and told me what I should and should not bring to my first year of college. She would have explained that in college, fashion is highly subjective. Usually if it smells clean and it somewhat matches, then it is a fashionable outfit. Perhaps if I would have had this advice, I wouldn’t have looked like the main character from “Little House on the Prairie” during my first year. Here’s a couple of fashion related observations that I wish someone would have told me before my freshmen year of college.

What to Bring
1. A pair of wrinkle free pajamas that can double an outfit—Wake up and head right to your 8 am class.
2. Jeans—You’ll wear them over and over, so get a good pair of basic jeans from the GAP or Levi. Leave the trendy stuff at home. Remember these have to last four years
3. A baseball hat—After the first semester, you will not have the time, nor will you care, about doing your hair.
4. A black suit—Versatile. For internship interviews and for those great receptions with the free food.
5. Friendly attitude—This is the more important fashion advice, because borrowing is the cheapest way to expand your wardrobe. Make lots of new friends, so that you have lots of borrowing options.

What not to Bring
1. Your parents—Clashes with every outfit.
2. High school letterman jacket—This will limit your ability to do #5 above.
3. High school backpack with all the decals and little buttons on it—Leave that relic at home. Get a nice Messenger Bag
4. Valuable jewelry—It will probably get stolen
5. High school boyfriend—You are in love. But after your first semester, you will have been in love at least five other times.

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  • Leonora

    cool article. In my case I wore uniform all the way to high school, so when I started college I wanted to dress up a little, but after the first week I was sufering on what to wear. Now a junior If it’s clean, matches and is confy is fine by me.

  • francis

    actually in college girls are still super trendy…i do wear flats way more than the heels i always wore in high school but i still think you should take some (i took them all and wore them all, but that’s just me)….my school is pretty big but i can always go back to my dorm between classes and hang out….i hate sneakers unless i’m going to the gym. as for borrowing if you’re like me i hate when people ask me to borrow stuff, bring your stuff…just be prepared to learn how to organize and make every inch of your dorm count….you’ll probably outgrow some of your stuff once you get used to the school’s culture but that’s more a reason to go shopping…as for my bf he’s still with me i met him as a sophmore and i’m still with him 4 years later….

  • And don’t forget the bra!!!! You need a good comfy bra that will upstand beer stains, pizza stains, one night stand stains, and will keep you all tucked in while you do that keg stand!

  • destiny

    ok so i like this guide…it was well written and the ‘dont bring h.s. boyfriend’ yeah i totally agree. I will me a sophomore last year and I walk about 4 miles a day…sometimes in heels! because all of my outfits seem to go so well with brown or black heels! ne good advice on shoes i should use to substitue a simple stiletto that still looks at dressy for the days i feel like fixing up? i’d like to try some type of tennis shoe, but that’s unrealistic!

  • Jamie

    I think you’ll like this article.  I Love You!  Jo

  • don’t forget the shoes.  forget about the cute heels u used to rock in high school.  after a week of trekking across campus you will definitely need a cute yet very comfortable pair of gym shoes.