How to Remove Scuff Marks from Patent Leather Shoes

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Dear Budget Fashionista,

How does one remove scuff marks from patent leather shoes? I have a cream pair that has brown marks and I have a red pair that has black marks. Do I need to go to a shoe shop??

How to Get Scuff Marks Off Shoes

Don’t spend money at a shoe shop until you’ve tried this tip. Head to your local drugstore and purchase the cheapest bottle of non acetone nail polish remover you can find. Dip a Q-tip in the remover and apply it to your scuff, gently rubbing the mark off.

You could also try hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol, but you need to be careful as to not remove and/or discolor the dye on your shoes.

Note: Also works with regular leather shoes
Here’s a Great Video that gives tips on removing scuff marks from shoes

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  • Trish B

    I tried Vaseline and Purcell (alcohol) which did nothing on taupe patent heels. Tried white toothpaste. With time and effort it did take off the black scuff marks!

    • Catherine Brock

      Thanks Trish for sharing!

  • MLaBrecque

    DO NOT DO THIS!!!! My favorite pair of 80.00 Mary Jane high heels are now RUINED for taking someone’s advice that CLEARLY has NOOO idea what their talking about. I AM LIVID!!! Followed directions perfectly, lightly applying with a q-tip (non-acetone n.p.r) and all it did was take my small black scuff and SMEAR it to the point that it is now doubled in size. I have tried everything to get this smear out and nothing is works. Thanks a lot. Don’t post things things unless your willing to pay (literally pay) for someone’s ruined item after they take your advice!! UGHHHH!!!!

    • Catherine

      Thank you for sharing. Readers: be careful — no solution is without risk.

  • katrina

    Flash magic eraser so works. Receved my lil ones pink patent boots today and both boots came with a small black scuff on front ov each. And the magic eraser and a lil warm water it was off in seconds

  • Adrianna

    It worked in seconds; I am amazed, Thank You!

  • Tyah

    New black patents with a white scuff mark near the toe. Used an alcohol pad with zero pressure and the scuff mark came off with no damamge to the shoe.