The Spring Clean! Closet Organization Ideas

Organized closet with women's clothes

Ah, spring! It’s the season of renewal — we refresh our wardrobe, get a new haircut and, reluctantly, clean and organize our closets.

In the spectrum of cleanliness, most of us fall somewhere between Mr. Clean, that hunky bald guy who dares to wear the white shirt that’s two sizes too small, and a contestant from Hoarders. Actually, who are we kidding? We’re more Hoarders than Mr. Clean.

That’s why spring cleaning is so critical. We need to get rid of the closet clutter to make room for those new floral dresses and wedge sandals after all. But equally important as the cleaning part is the closet organization process that must follow. Because it’s one thing to have room for a new dress, and it’s another thing to be able to find that new dress again in three months.

So here are our favorite, fashionista-friendly closet organization ideas.

Fashionista-Friendly Closet Organization Ideas

First, throw these 6 things away.

1. Target-weight clothes

You know that teeny-tiny little black dress in the corner of your closet that tantalizes you every time you look at it? It’s two sizes too small, but it was 80 percent off at Bloomies. You bought it thinking you’d finally lose that freshman 15 that’s been around since, well, your freshman year of college.

It’s time to say goodbye. Buying clothes that are too small in the hopes that you’ll get into them eventually is sooo 1990s. You look great the way you are, and you don’t need that dress hanging around trying to tell you otherwise.

2. Clothes you haven’t worn in a year

If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s gotta go. Yes, even if it’s new with tags. Even if it’s a well-intentioned gift from your boyfriend’s stepmama.

Now I know I’ll never where the t-shirt I got for free from Qs bar on my 21st birthday — but I’m not ready throw it in the trash either. So I have a plastic, lidded container in the attic for those clothes I don’t wear, but I still want to keep. The point is, that Qs t-shirt no longer resides in my closet. And that leaves a little extra space for the pieces I use on the regular.

3. Old sorority gear and team jerseys

Unless you graduated from college last month, there’s no sane reason why you need 43,282 pieces of sorority-related clothing. Ditto for the 22 jerseys from the various soccer teams you played on between the ages of 6 and 18.

We get it. It’s Delta Kappa Alpha Beta Gamma and San Diego Surf Soccer forever. But if you’re over the age of 22, those days are over, honey. Keep your fave hoodie for sentimental value and round up the rest for Goodwill.

4. Your ex’s clothes

Just because you have a freshly-manicured profile on eHarmony and you tell your friends you’re ready to enter the dating rat race doesn’t negate the fact that you’re still not over your ex. Stop torturing yourself! Yes, his Snoopy boxers are comfy, but you don’t the reminder that your former flame is now with Ms. Moved-From-Brazil-to-Pursue-Modeling.

5. Painful shoes

Tall black shoes

I fondly refer to these as kill shoes. They may be the sexiest darn things to grace your feet. But if wearing them makes your feet such a medical nightmare that even your podiatrist gasps in fear, it’s time to set them free.

6. Old bridesmaid dresses

Your BFF swore she’d pick a bridesmaid dress that was re-wearable. Ha! Three years later, you know that’s a lie. You haven’t touched that Pepto-Bismol-pink ballgown since the night she got married. You’re not going to wear it again. Donate it or sell it.

Now, get these 9 closet organizers.

1. Closet hamper

Not everyone has a room designated for dirty laundry, but no one wants it lying around. This in-closet hamper is a sneaky, luxurious way to hide the mess.

2. Scarf hanger

Scarves or handkerchiefs anyone? This is a chic way to hang them. You can hang up to 12 scarves in this hanger. You can also use it for hosiery, leggings or undershirts.

3. Cube storage

Cube storage works for any room in the house. In your closet, you can stack t-shirts, sweaters and shorts. Or you buy a few bins to sit in the cubes, and then you’ve got a place for your socks and undies.

4. Belt organizer

If drawer space is an issue, save space by hanging your belts instead of letting them swim around with all your other clothing. You can use this hanger for your scarves too!

5. Colored boxes

Great for hats, scarves, toys and the other little things that fall off the shelves, these mutli-colored boxes from are too adorable to pass up. The set comes in two sizes—great for floor or overhead storage.

6. Corner shelf kit

Finally a better way to utilize all your closet space, ladies. This wire shelf curves to fit the corner of your closet so you can hang more hangers. No more cutting corners! (Pun intended).

7. Shoe rack

And here we are — the infamous shoe rack. Great option if you are trying to free up some floor space. Besides, tripping over shoes was never a good look.

8. Folding clothes hanger

Bet you haven’t seen a hanger like this one before! There’s no better way to start your day than to open your closet and say ‘good morning’ to your loved ones as you pick out your outfit.

9. Pegboard

Not only for the kitchen! Mount pegboard to your closet door or back wall, and then and screw in pegs and hooks. Voila — you now have a place to hang your bags. Or, use it for necklaces and bracelets.