8 Closet Makeover Must Haves (Under 50$)

You’re rummaging through your closet and you wonder, “How do I ever find anything in here?” With clothes everywhere, shirts in the pants area and vice-versa, it’s okay to admit that your closet has seen better days.

With work, school and life in general, it’s not hard to admit that our closet is the last thing on our minds. Little items like these can make a big difference. Most importantly, all of them are under $50. Cheers to a neater closet!

Closet Makeover Must Haves

Closet Hamper

Closet hamper
Martha Stewart Closet Hamper, $40.00 from Home Decorators

Not everyone has a room designated for dirty laundry, but no one wants it lying around. This in-closet hamper is a sneaky, luxurious way to hide the mess.

Scarf Hanger

Scarf hanger
Scarf Hanger, $12.98 from Get Organized

Scarves or handkerchiefs anyone? This is a chic way to hang them. You can hang up to 18 scarves in this hanger. You can also use it for hosiery, leggings or undershirts.

Stackable Cubes

Organizational cubes
Sandusky Green Cube Storage Shelf, $42.78 from Home Depot

These stackable cubes from the Home Depot are perfect for any closet. Great for books, shoes, baby stuff, and college apartments. The shelves removable and expandable to adjust to your space. They are a bargain because you get the set of 8 for one price.

Belt Organizer

Belt organizer
Rubbermaid Tie and Belt Organizer, $15.99 from Target

If drawer space is an issue, save space by hanging your belts instead of letting them swim around with all your other clothing. If you wear ties or bowties, this is also a great place to put them.

Colored Boxes

Pink closet boxes
Pink Oskar Boxes, $19.99 from Container Store

Great for hats, scarves, toys and the other little things that fall off the shelves, these mutli-colored boxes from containerstore.com are too adorable to pass up. The set comes in two sizes—great for floor or overhead storage.

Corner Shelf Kit

Corner shelf kit
Shelf and Rod Corner Kit, $22.00 from Closet Maid

Finally a better way to utilize ALL your closet space, ladies. This wire shelf curves to fit the corner of your closet so you can hang more hangers. No more cutting corners! (Pun intended).

Shoe Rack

Tiered shoe rack
Whitmor Floor Shoe Stand, $11.97 from Walmart

And here we are—the infamous shoe rack. Great option if you are trying to free up some floor space. Besides, tripping over shoes was never a good look.

Folding Clothes Hanger

Closet hanger with photo frames
Picture Perfect Folding Clothes Hanger, $24.49 from Stacks and Stacks

Bet you haven’t seen a hanger like this one before! There’s no better way to start your day than to open your closet and say ‘good morning’ to your loved ones as you pick out your outfit.