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close up of embroidered jeans

Jeans Lovers Rejoice! Four Fab Denim Trends to Watch

There’s no denying that denim continues to reign supreme. Jeans will forever be reliable staples that provide you with something to wear when it seems like there’s nothing to wear. The beauty is that...
Woman at a party

18 Budget Party Dresses for Every Body

Party season is in full swing. If your favorite dresses have been worn just a few too many times and you really just want a great excuse to snag something new, the holiday season...
Purple UGG boots

Save on Uggs! The World’s Favorite Sheepskin Boot and 6 Proven Places to Snag Them for Less

Looking for cheap Uggs? Bracing for cold weather here in the Northeast with thoughts of a warm, fuzzy feeling for your feet that Ugg boots might provide? Or perhaps you have bunions and these...
nordstrom rack 1

Women Over 40: Best Places to Shop for Clothes

There’s a story behind this post. It was originally written back in 2015 by a (younger) Budget Fashionista staffer. I gave her the topic — the best stores for women over 40 — and...
Woman shopping a sale

Sales vs. Clearance — Do You Know the Difference?

You’re no stranger to shopping, and you could probably find your way blindfolded to the sale section at your favorite department store. But when you navigate those bustling aisles and thumb through the racks...
Collage of dresses for women with inverted triangle shape

Dresses for Those Big on Top and Small on Bottom

Dear Budget Fashionista, I need advice! I love dresses, and my look is feminine classic (I’m an attorney, so I have to be a tad conservative) with — I like to think — a...
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