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Purple UGG boots

Save on Uggs! The World’s Favorite Sheepskin Boot and 6 Proven Places to Snag Them for Less

Looking for cheap Uggs? Bracing for cold weather here in the Northeast with thoughts of a warm, fuzzy feeling for your feet that Ugg boots might provide? Or perhaps you have bunions and these...
fake uggs - bearpaw emma short boots

Fake UGGs — Cheaper UGG Alternatives for Less than $75

I know the score — you want UGG boots, but you can’t or won’t swallow the steep price tag. I get it. We’ve been pretty rough on UGGs here at Budget Fashionista for two main reasons: the...
UGLY purple UGG boots

The Case Against UGG Boots, The Sexy Footwear Wannabe

UGG boots may be coveted by many, but to me, they’re a sexy footwear wannabe. This big boot is a glorified slipper backed by clever branding, desired by ladies who fall for the sheepskin hype. Normally I’m a...
Ugg boots with a pile of sweaters. I love Uggs!

Uggs! A Case for the Brand We Love to Hate — Plus What Celebs Think About Uggs

I love Uggs boots and I'm not the only one. Here are 5 reasons to appreciate this sheepskin-lined boot, plus the popular celeb opinion on Uggs!

Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in… Uggs?!

What: UggAustralia offers a “cozier” alternative to heels: The UGG I Do Wedding Shoe Colection, priced from $80 to $225.What They Say: From UGG Australia Add some sparkle to your day. Say “I Do”...

How to Clean Your Ugg Boots

We know that, for some of you, the biggest danger in Ugg is, well, ugliness. But we’ve always kind of been of the so-ugly-they’re-cute camp, so we’d like to keep our Uggs (or cheap...
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