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How To Wear: The Military Trend

How To Wear: The Military Trend
Green military jacket

Seems like all the trend talk this season has been military this and military that…and we won’t lie, we’re kind of all about it. While you will never see us in full-on fatigues, we feel weirdly empowered at the thought of slipping on an olive drab jacket or lace-up military-inspired booties.

This isn’t, or course, the Michael Jackson-era military look, with gold brainding and epaulettes (thank goodness) but a far more modern, and more subtle version. Our tips for wearing military-inspired items without crossing the line to newly-enlisted:

Do Pick One Piece You Love

Do pick one military piece you love — whether it be a jacket, boots or skinny cargo pants — and pair it with decidedly non-military pieces (put the jacket, for example, with a tunic tank, dark skinny jeans, and embellished flats) for a modern look.

Do Pair it with a Bold Pop of Color

Do pair your military inspired item with a pop of bold color or shine — since military-style pieces are usually neutral in color, a metallic skirt or, say, bright purple cami, will ensure that your look is anything but drab.

Do Be Situation Appropriate

Do be situation appropriate. As much as you might love the military look, that zip front military skirt might be more appropriate for Friday night than dinner at your boss’s house.

Don’t Wear Camo

Don’t wear camouflage, unless it’s SUPER subtle or unless your under 21 — again, leave the fatigues to the real soldiers.

Don’t Forget About Military-Inspired Colors

Don’t forget that it’s not just about combat boots and cargo jackets — it’s about color too. Sand and olive are part of the trend, so if the more obvious details are all a bit much for you, consider adding a drapey sand-colored tank to look totally up-to-date but not over-the-top.

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jan doe

Wednesday 10th of November 2010

love it - i want to enlist! makes me feel powerful

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