What to Wear to a Spring Wedding


If there’s any season that’s most notorious for being dubbed wedding season, it’s spring. Check out our tips for what to wear to a spring weeding.

Since weddings should be all fun and no worry, we put together some tips so you can look fabulous even if it isn’t your special day.

Basic Dos and Don’ts for Spring Weddings


– Wear delicate patterns like florals, dots, or prints

– Choose dresses or jumpsuits in light or bright colors like pale pink, sky blue, and yellow

– Put on a brimmed hat

– Select wedges and fancy sandals over stilettos


-Wear rubber flip flops. If it’s a beach wedding, opt for sandals.

– Adorn your look with a tiara. A flower behind you ear is a nice alternative.

– Wear heels to a beach or countryside wedding (you’ll sink in to the ground) – a thick wedge is a safe choice.

– Wear anything too low cut (front or back), sheer, or denim. Weddings are family affairs, so if you aren’t comfortable talking to relatives or kids in it, don’t wear it.

Spring Wedding Dressing Tips

It’s important to keep all factors in mind when selecting an outfit so you don’t get caught off guard wearing sandals to more formal reception, or a shorter more casual dress when everyone else is wearing a cocktail dress. The rule of thumb is to wear lighter colors and looser fits to daytime and outdoor weddings, and more structured dresses and heels to evening or inside events.

What to Wear to Spring Wedding: Day

What to wear to a spring wedding - 3 day wedding outfits

(1) Printed Dress, $39.99, ZARA (2) I Ladylike It Like That Dress, $39.99, Modcloth (3) Strappy Maxi Dress, $98, Loft

What to Wear to Spring Wedding: Night

what to wear to a spring wedding - three dresses approrpriate for spring weddings at night

(1) Bandeau Dress, $39.95 from H&M (2) Lacy Dress in Cotton Cady, $79.99-$99.99 from JCrew (3) Color Pop Embroidered Tunic, $59.95 from Anthropologie (Black? Yes! Wear it to an evening reception with light color heels. Make sure that you have a touch of color to brighten the overall tone)

Many weddings are themed. So, the decor and the entire wedding party will often be based on certain colors, concepts (like nautical or secret garden), or general vibe (like a tropical wedding or a wedding at a farm). Instead of matching the wedding party, focus instead on the venue.

  • If you’re attending an outdoor wedding, consider the temperature in the evening and wear a long dress or jumpsuit.
  • If it’s inside, you have more flexibility and can pair your dress with heels and opt for a bit fancier.

Typically, lighter colors are worn during the day, and darker, more earthy tones at night. However, since it’s spring and the sun stays out longer, you can definitely consider a subtle floral pattern for later in the day.



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