True Confessions: I Can’t Deal with Long Nails

Short Nails = Stylish Nails?  Yes!

Because I prefer short nails doesn’t mean I lose out on all the fun nail colors or anything.  In fact, I’m all about nail art trends, rocking amazing shades from Revlon.  I’ve enjoyed the peel ‘n stick nail art, like to wear a variety of colors and play with sparkles.  I’ve had compliments on my festive holiday nails, my pumpkin art on Halloween and my July 4th nails . . .  despite the fact that they were very un-Fergie in length.

In, um, short . . .  long nails don’t do it for me.  It’s hard to understand that stiletto nails would be preferred for any reason.  However, I was raised to see the good in the bad.


Well, I suppose they can double as toothpicks.  Or come in handy for those annoying times when that bagel you ordered isn’t cut through completely.  And there’s always the joy of slowly dragging them along a chalk board.

Whatever your preference, here are some great nail colors to try.

What do you think about long, pointed nails?  How do you prefer to wear yours?  Let me know in the comments section below!

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