How to Wear Skinny Jeans: If You Have a Tummy

Designer Skinny Jeans Under $50

If you tend to carry extra weight in your tummy area, you might think skinny jeans are completely out of the question. We beg to differ. Check out our tips for wearing skinny jeans if you have a little extra in the middle.

Stick with the Middle Ground

Medium Vintage Wash Jeans

Forget the low-rise. And the high-waist, for that matter. If you have a little more tummy than you’d like, the last thing you want is to create a muffin top (low-rise) or belly bulge (high-waist). The cut that most flatters a figure that’s a little broader in the middle is a mid-rise, so that the waistband hits across the belly between your belly button and your hip bones.

And look for a pair with a little spandex content for some give, just in case your planning to actually sit down at some point.

A Top That’s not Fitted, but Fits

Ruffled Cami

Nothing is less forgiving to a little tummy bulge than a fitted top over fitted jeans, so go with something body-skimming. And we do mean skimming — which means the fabric falls softly close to the body, but not clinging to it, like this DKNY ruffled cami.

Layer Strategically

Knit Jacket

Consider a structured jacket, weather permitting — meaning one that comes in at the waist and then gently back out across the top of the hips.

Rock some Fabulous Shoes

Floral Heels

While hot shoes might not actually have anything to do with hiding a tummy bulge, they will draw the attention away from the midsection, AND make you feel amazing at the same time. The same goes for a pair of fabulous standout earrings or an awesome statement necklace. Remember: distraction is your friend.

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    This is perfect for me! Thank you very much for posting this!

    This is very helpful as I’m a skinny girl with a little belly bulge. It’s frustrating shopping for your size only to find that skinny Jean isn’t going to work for your body structure. Thanks for posting this!

    i am new at blogging about fashion. Your site is awesome. Lots of good tips. I will keep in touch! xoxo

    Where is the jacket from?

    I love this jacket where can I buy it?

    we’re checking on it 🙂

    thanks for the tip…now i know im doing the right way to hide my tummy…

    I’m wearing mid-rise jeans right now and they aren’t below your belly button at all.

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