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4 Places to Buy Low Rise Pantyhose

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Dear Budget Fashionista: Where can I find low rise pantyhose? Hue used to make some that I could find at Macy’s, but last I checked, Macy’s didn’t carry them anymore. It’s cold where I am and I need the pantyhose to wear under my slacks. Please help. 

Leggs used to make a nice pair of low-rise pantyhose that were available online and at Target and Walmart, but alas, they are no more. At this point, you’ll have to go online and experiment until you find the brand you like.

4 online stores that carry low rise pantyhose

Here are some places you can find low-rise pantyhose:

1. Amazon

Low-rise pantyhose on Amazon

Amazon is a good option as long as you are in the small-to-large size range. If you are petite or plus-size, the options are harder to find. It’s not that they aren’t there — I think they must be — but Amazon’s search engine has trouble dealing with “plus size” and “low rise” in one search.

2. The Stylish Fox

The Stylish Fox

The Stylish Fox, based in Michigan, focuses exclusively on hosiery. You can find low rise pantyhose in seamed and seamless styles, plus a range of colors — nude to black.

3. Hosieria

Hosieria’s website is very dated, like so dated that you aren’t sure if you’ll actually receive your order. They currently (2020 when this post was updated) have four styles of low rise pantyhose, three in black and one in “transparent.” The prices are super low, so if you decide to take a chance on Hosieria, you won’t be out more than $10.

4. Hipstiks


Hipstiks has low rise pantyhose in a range of sizes, but you’ll pay for them — they’re priced at over $30 a pair. That’s a long way from the old egg of Leggs you could buy in a gas station.

Sadly, as the low rise pant has fallen out of favor, it’s become increasingly difficult to find yourself a pair of low rise pantyhose. Midrise and even high rise options dominate the marketplace. I searched Target, Macy’s, and Nordstrom and found no acceptable options. If you’re wearing them for warmth, you might try low rise tights or low rise leggings, both of which seem to be more popular with retailers.

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Monday 26th of February 2007

I’m currently really into L’eggs Sheer Energy Low Rise.  I found them at Wal-Mart, but not at drug stores.  I regret I didn’t discover them sooner, but I think it’s a new style.

After putting them on, they may require a few moments of getting used to because of the leg support. They however have become my favorite style of hosiery to wear underneath all kinds of dress pants, for work, dating, and other activities.

I like them because by the end of the day I still feel that I’m actually wearing pantyhose, even though my legs aren’t showing.  For me it’s a significant boost of confidence.

Gina M. Coutlakis

Friday 26th of January 2007

I got a pair @ Stein Mart, Richmond, VA. 5.99.


Thursday 25th of January 2007

I like my long puffer. When temps hit single digits, I’ll take warmth over fashion anyday! I paid less than $100 @ Burlington Coat Factory. Make sure to get one with a nipped waist and don’t wear flat boots or you will look like you are in a sleeping bag.  A full length shearling or fur may be more stylish, but much heavier and serious.


Thursday 25th of January 2007

DKNY also makes low-rise tights, you can find them for cheap at TJMaxx, sometimes in crazy colors but if they are under your pants, it doesn’t matter.

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