How to Style A Jumpsuit: The Dos And Don’ts of the Summer Trend

The jumpsuit is back, and this season it’s a summer staple showing up allover. While some may feel apprehensive about the all-in-one nature of this look (too juvenile), others have tapped into the effortlessness it offers with one simple zip. A few tips and you’ll know how to style a jumpsuit with confidence.

It’s a one piece wonder loaded with versatility that is ready to work its way into many situations—from casual weekend getaways to midweek power point presentations. It can even replace your go-to LBD for an elegant, evening affair. But before you jump into this easy style solution, make sure you’re well versed on the how-tos of the trend.

Here’s exactly what to know about styling a jumpsuit.

How to Style a Jumpsuit this Summer: DOs and DON’Ts


Ensure a Good Fit—A wide leg helps accentuate an hour glass figure while a looser top will mask your mid section. If you’re petite, keep in mind that an over-flow-y fabric can swallow your small frame, so stick to a more streamlined silhouette.

Layer a Blazer—When heading to the office throw a tailored jacket on top. It will lend a classic touch while providing a shield from the frosty temps that the a/c can give.

Add a Belt—Most jumpsuits can be cinched at the waist. Throwing on a belt will not only flatter your figure, it will accessorize with a statement.


Choose a clingy fabric. Unless you’re Beyoncé or Lady GaGa ready to take the stage — make sure your jumpsuit is not too tight  a la catsuit.

Wear one with a bold print. This is rarely a good idea for most body types. Try a solid color to start, then move on to soft or subtle prints, and remember black is always a good option.

Limit yourself to heels. While we love wearing heels to elevate the look, a cute pair of flats can emphasize a casual and comfortable feel.

Ready to slip into the cool summer trend?

The comfort factor of the jumpsuit is hard to deny, but not every style is for everybody. Try out a few different designs to find which suits you best.  Rompers (jumpsuits that are shorts) should not be worn by anyone over 30. Opt for a chic version with a boat neckline, solid color palette and dolman sleeves.

You’ll find a nice selection of jumpsuits in your favorite mall. Just recently we spotted an entire rack devoted to the design in discount haven Century 21 which is also available online. Also checkout Asos and Modcloth for more affordable options.