Patent Pending: Does the Combo Below Make You Want to Run for Your Life or Run to the Mall?

rsvp Ash Red Patent, $70.99 and Guess Kora E/W Topzip, $98 both from Zappos

So there’s this “rule” that wearing patent leather shoes with a patent leather purse is a big no-no. For as long as I can remember, the world’s beat it into our heads that we’re supposed to choose patent leather either for our shoes OR our handbag, but NEVER both at the same time—case closed.
Not so fast. Yup, we’re going to go there–once and for all, can we wear patent leather shoes with patent leather pocketbooks?

(Count to 10, take a deep breath, then read on.)


Patent Leather Shoes and Patent Leather Purse Combinations

The Argument
Now, before you think I’ve flipped my fashion lid saying it’s a-okay to do something so, well, shiny, let’s take a look at what’s been happening in the fashion world these days. I mean, there’s grape- colored shoes and eyeshadow to match, mega-bright skirts worn with combat boots, feathers twirling from our earlobes and nail polish that smells like a bowl of cherries. Point is, here we are walking around town whiffing our fingernails while wearing head-to-toe banana brights like we’re gearing up for some Fruit of the Loom photo shoot, yet we can’t fathom the whole patent-leather-shoes-and-bag-combo thing? Seriously?

C’mon, people.

Gals, read our “rules are meant to be broken” post, then hit the stores to get your shine on.
Here are some ideas for how to wear the patent duo.

Go Casual-Chic

Used to be, patent—especially the shoe—was for dressing up. It was THE churchgoing, special-event must-have. Not anymore. Yeah, patent still works for those occasions, but it’s no longer for those moments ONLY. Add some oomph to your casual jeans-and-blazer outfit with black patent peeptoe flats and a patent clutch.



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