Revlon’s Scented Nail Polish Has Jennifer Smelling Her Fingertips All Day

Smell my finger. No, seriously, smell it (get your mind out of the gutter!).

I know that sounds, well, downright weird. And it is…or so I thought, right up until Kathryn asked me to review the Revlon scented nail polish line. From that point on, fingertip smelling was THE thing to do. I smelled my own and even asked family members to take a whiff (shoutout: thanks, Mom!). But was all the fingernail inhalation worth the hype?

We tested eight of their several shades ($3.94 each at Wal-Mart), using Revlon’s instructions to 1) use a base coat and 2) apply two coats of the scented enamel, let dry and enjoy the fragrance. We’ve broken it down for you by color/scent, then saved the best (our yay or nay) for last. Read on to see if Revlon nailed it (c’mon, you knew we’d have to say that at one point).

Background: Across all eight colors/scents we tried, fragrance kicked in even prior to being fully dry. Within 20 seconds, the still-wet polish magically segued from that pungent chemical smell that ALL polishes have (yucko) to extraordinary pleasant fragrances (a change we definitely welcomed). Once the polish dried, the scent remained, as promised.

The average lasting time for any of these scents seemed to be about 24 hours (just think of how many people you see in the course of a day. Translation: that’s a lot of people who get the honor of smelling your Beach- or Raspberry Rapture-coated fingernail! (Not including your lovely self, of course). Beyond 24 hours, our nostrils were treated to only an extremely faded fragrance or none at all. Only one wonderful shade managed to stay unbelievably powerful for three full days (read on to find out which one).

As for color, the hues outlasted scent by a day with only slight, barely-detectable chips.
Here’s a closer look at the eight shades we tried.

Revlon’s Scented Nail Polish

Cotton Candy
Color: Light pink. We liked that its actual color was as soft and airy as the swirl of sugary bliss it was named after. Fun.

Scent: Mmmm-mmmm. Subtle sweetness graced our every fingertip.

Thoughts: A few folks guessed “cookie” or “something sweet” when we presented our fingertip for inhalation. This one was very delicate, yet powerful enough to bring back memories of boardwalks, festivals and good ol’ stadium ballgames. We couldn’t help but feel happy every time we lifted our pinkie near our noses, no matter how many times folks on the subway (or conference room or car in the next lane) looked at us somewhat strangely.

Mon Cherry
Color: Emerald Green. (Kidding, just felt like messing with you). Seriously though, cherry red.

Scent: This one reminded us of describing a fine wine (perhaps it was the French influence in the color’s name). it’s a delightfully fruity aroma that begins with an intense, bold edge and though it quickly finishes on a much lighter note, it never loses its captivating cherry essence.

Thoughts: Pretty much immediately after this one dried, its scent took us from “WOW, cherry!” to “wow, cherry!” Sure, it was like going from a whole bowl of cherries to just two in a matter of minutes, but the fragrance was still one we enjoyed.



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