6 Style Tips for the Conservative Fashionista

WARNING: Nuclear-orange jeans and peacock-inspired box clutches may not be right for everyone. Dizziness, shortness of breath and naked-in-public dreamlike anxiety may be experienced by individuals who even think about certain trends, let alone consider (gasp!) wearing them.

If this sounds like you–hesitancy or downright avoidance of certain styles because
you’re more “beige” than “bold”—have no fear.

No fear, you say? Have you seen the Tang-inspired tangerine lips this season?


Have you seen the fluorescent tops?

How could you not?

Oh, wonderful conservative fashionista, we hear you. And we’re serious–have no
fear. You can enjoy the latest fashion showstoppers without sacrificing your classically
comfortable look.

Style Tips for Conservative Fashionistas

The key? Dabble, don’t dive, into the world of color, mismatched prints and glam. Here, then, are six bright ideas for incorporating today’s trends into your subdued style:

1. Consider Breaking Up
Does the head-to-toe tangerine trend make you feel like a walking marmalade jar? Break things up by accessorizing, drawing on elements of the uni-color/pattern palette. A large coral ring paired with poppy-hued earrings nicely compliments a summery white dress or tan pantsuit. Or, pair an Amazon-inspired palm leaf bracelet with a green textured belt.

2. Nail It
Today’s vibrant “see me” nail colors are undoubtedly a stark contrast to neutral polishes.
We know the thought of donning purple nails may result in the aforementioned onset of
dizzy spells. But you can do it. Yes, you. This is about dabbling, after all. Think lilac,
not grape. Trade Hulk green for a more muted green.

3. Try a Little Braidy Bunch
Sure, side braids and retro styles are mega right now. Not ready to lock your locks into
something so blatantly different? Go mini. Try braiding a smaller section of hair, making
it only partially visible as it peeks from the rest of your free-flowing mane. Employ the
same “baby steps” approach with other hair trends.

4. Let the Sun Shine
Sun protection is one thing. But humongo, polar-white Bieber-esque sunglass frames?
We can hear you now. C’mon. Try the universally flattering allure of aviator sunglasses.
Their tan (usually), teardrop style subtly declares a sense of adventure while still
appealing to your conservative preferences. Thinking of the summer? (Who isn’t?!) Forge through the sea of Day-Glo bikinis and Rasta-inspired tanks and instead, accentuate your navy one-piece with a sunny yellow straw hat or a textured beach tote.

5. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!
You’ve heard it before: play up your favorite feature. It’s easier to feel more at ease with
certain trends when you use them to showcase a part of you that already makes you über
comfortable and confident. Say you love your long neck. Rather than just expose your
neck with your usual pony, add a small floral clip in that general area, or wear elegant
shoulder-grazing earrings.

6. Be Bold (Without Telling a Soul!)
After all of this, if trying few bold accessories or wearing red pumps in public still
renders you uneasy, we still say: have no fear. Explore a trend or two . . . privately. Buy
that lime and fuchsia bra and wear it during that next meeting or Mother’s Day brunch.
Only you and your favorite solid chiffon blouse will know what you’re up to. Or, slip
into heels with leopard-print lining that only your footsies will see. Hmmm. Perhaps that
lime scarf isn’t far behind.

Sure, you may never choose to rock a metallic snakeskin clutch or strut your stuff in
three-inch wedges. But we’re confident that incorporating smaller aspects of otherwise
bigger trends will still keep you looking like your amazing self, while still allowing you to
stay well within your comfortably conservative fashion zone.

Heads will still turn.

And who knows . . . some of your choices may even make your beige hues a little green
with envy.

What trends do you want to try?



Jennifer is an award-winning creative writing and communications professional who loves heels (even her flip flops have wedges) and pencil skirts, and has seen her hair through more shades than a Pantone color wheel.

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