Style B*tch, er, Icon: Brenda Walsh

So who’s up for a little blast from TV past? Personally, I love all those “remember that outfit?” and cheesy theme song memories from back in the day, even if they do make me feel, you know, a little un-young.

Who can forget the fresh-faced, wide-eyed “innocence” of Beverly Hills newcomer Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty)? Certainly didn’t take her long to go from sweet, conservative-yet-trendy gal to fierce, my-way-or-the-highway vixen (not that she was Ms. Good Girl at the onset anyway–remember the whole “I’m a college student” hot-for-a-lawyer lie? And that was just the first episode of “90210”).

There always seemed to be a direct correlation between what she wore and what she was up to. Whether rocking boxy blazers with satiny hair bands or flirting it up in washed-out denim short-shorts and a bikini top, her style was like her character: full of attitude and bound to get everyone talking.
Let’s relive some of Brenda’s styles and enjoy a dose of “good ol’ days” nostalgia.

The Style of Brenda Walsh

Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup

Credit: Marie Claire

With the exception of her disastrous blond attempt to catch Dylan’s eye after she heard he had a thing for lighter locks, we loved her ability to stay hue-true through the episodes. The striking contrast of her dark, long hair—and of course, those classic Walsh bangs—against her minimally- made-up face, made her features pop–most notably, those eyes and her (often) red pout (matte, matte everywhere).

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