How to Make Plastic Bracelets

The following is a guest post from our friends at I Spy DIY.

Colorful Bracelet
Friendship Bracelet Supplies

The amazing Jenni got together with a few friends during the hurricane that hit the east coast and made old school bracelets. She gives us the 411 on how to make these bracelets for yourself (without a major storm).

Supplies: Gimp, or Lester lace as we called in back in the day, from Blick Art (less than $2 a roll), scissors, and a fastener. Steps after the break…

Friendship Bracelet Step 1

Cut two piece, each as long as your wingspan.
Start by threading the black strand through the fastener loop, and move it to the middle of the strand.

Friendship Bracelet Step 2

Wrap around the front and back of your finger.

Friendship Bracelet Step 3

Take your orange string under both black loops, and put till you reach the middle of your orange strand

Friendship Bracelet Step 4

Next take the right end of the orange and go over and under in the front, and then take the left end and go over and under in the back.

Friendship Bracelet Step 5

Pull slowly to create a square knot

Friendship Bracelet Step 6

Next loop your orange pieces over the square knot diagonally

Friendship Bracelet Step 7

Thread the right end of the black through the orange hoop in the back, Thread the left black end through the orange hoop in the front.

Friendship Bracelet Step 8

It should look like this as you pull the four pieces

Friendship Bracelet Step 9

Repeat and the pattern should like this

Friendship Bracelet Step 10

When your bracelet is long enough to fit around your waist, tie all four pieces in a knot at the end. Then thread one strand through the other end of the fastener

Friendship Bracelet Step 12

Tie the ends in another knot and trim ends.

Friendship Bracelet Step 12

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I used to make these in grade school. Great memories – thanks!

this is really cool
i just made 3 of them and there bueatiful

very beautiful. I am learning how to make one. thanks for sharing. haha

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