Say Yes to DIY Wedding Makeup

It’s no secret that weddings can be extremely expensive. Between the cake, reception hall, and invitations, the cost of the average wedding can grow to be over $20,000. Yet, there’s a new surge in the popularity of D.I.Y. weddings. You can print your own invitations, create your own centerpieces with fresh or faux flowers, and even be your own D.J.
Of course, there is one area where brides might be hesitant to go it alone, and that is in the beauty department. Many women spend around $100+ to have someone do their makeup professionally. Yet, putting on your own makeup for your wedding can be cost effective and also quite satisfying, knowing you had a hand in your appearance that day.
If you want to know more about what it takes to be expertly prepared to do your own wedding makeup, just follow the helpful tips below.

Wedding Makeup You Can do Yourself

Do Your Research

1. Do Your Research

Practice With An Expert

Doing research to find the perfect wedding makeup has to be the most fun research there is. All you need to do is grab a stack of your magazines, or head to your local library and look at them for free! While you look at your magazines, mark photos of models with great makeup colors that you love. If you’re even savvier, sign up for a virtual pin board like Pinterest and keep all your favorite makeup images in one file. You can also search How-To videos on YouTube. KandeeJohnson and XTeener are some of the top makeup gurus on YouTube that provide makeup tutorials and product reviews.

2. Practice With An Expert

Buy Your Products

Once you’ve done your research and know what you want your makeup to look like (natural, heavy on the eyeliner, red lips, etc.) then go to the mall with your inspiration photos in hand! At the mall, you can schedule free makeup sessions with the pros at places like Sephora. They can teach you how to apply your makeup in a way that looks like the makeup photos you brought. They can also let you know which products work best for the look you want to create. Or search your local listings for classes or seminars on wedding makeup. Every little bit helps. The more tutorials, courses, and professionals you can talk to, the more confident you’ll be on the big day.

3. Buy Your Products

Make a List

Once you know what new beauty products you will need to achieve your wedding day look, we say go shopping! The best part is that you’ll probably spend the same amount of money on new makeup as you would on a professional makeup artist (except now you can use your products for a few months rather than just one day!). When you finish dolling up, having a friend or family member take pictures and even a video to see how it looks on screen. Run some errands and leave your makeup on to make sure it lasts for 5+ hours. If one of your products doesn’t work as well as you would have liked, return it and try another. Keep repeating until you get the look just right.

4. Make a List, & Check it Twice

Now that you have practiced a few times and know the exact products you’ll use on your wedding day, remember to keep them organized. Make a checklist and instruction sheet and keep it with your makeup so that you don’t forget anything important when it’s finally show time. Remember that you can always schedule another last minute makeup practice session at the mall if you need to. Otherwise, you should be well prepared and ready to be a beautiful bride with perfect makeup on your special day.