Dress Like the Best (Over 40 Edition): Cate Blanchett

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Welcome to the second in our Dress Like the Best (Over 40 Edition) series! Today we’re celebrating Cate Blanchett style — Cate is 47 years young, a Taurus, acclaimed Australian actress and Number 2 on InStyle’s list of the most stylish women of 2016. She’s also a bit of a mystery relative to many of her leading-lady peers; Blanchett isn’t a fan of social media, so you can’t stalk her every move (and outfit) on Instagram.

When Cate does pop up in photos, outside of red carpet appearances, she favors clean lines and unexpected monochrome ensembles. I’d describe her style as intellectual chic, if that’s a thing. Even when she’s wearing overalls, she just looks incredibly smart and classy. Try working these two Blanchett looks into your wardrobe and see for yourself!

How to Channel Cate Blanchett Style

Look 1: Casual but Intentional

Cate was spotted in the Tokyo airport wearing this ensemble that includes a $1,325 pair of sneakers. And her overalls cost about the same, which means you and me will never wear these exact pieces. What we can do is look at what really makes this outfit work.

Cate’s basically wearing one color — navy. And although she’s worked in different shades of navy and some texture, the bling sneakers and standout sunnies frame what would otherwise be a kinda blah outfit.

I shopped a less expensive version of Cate’s airport ensemble using gray as the main color. A soft grey tee under a charcoal overall creates the right backdrop for blue lens, cat-eye glasses and silver slip-on sneaks. Don’t be scared of those silver sneakers, either. You can wear them with confidence as long as the rest of your outfit is subdued. If you’re a crafty DIY type, you could even embellish those sneakers with a shiny buckle for a bigger statement.

cate blanchett style

  1. My Girl Sunglasses in Blue Lenses, $34.99 (on sale), Modcloth
  2. Crew Neck Layering Tee for Women, $17, Old Navy
  3. Cord Patch Pocket Overall in Washed Black, $73, ASOS
  4. Steve Madden Ellias Slip-on, $69.95, Shoebuy

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