Summer 2014: How to Wear the Crop Top Trend

Shopping last weekend was eye-opening. I know summer is fast approaching (or here already) so it was no surprise that the hot-weather attire was out in full force. As expected, there were shorts. Tanks. skirts, Maxi-dresses.

And…crop tops?

It’s not like I was in a store for teens, either. Many stores for women had crop tops on display, so I figured it’s a thing. Really? Crop tops? Yes! Luckily, this summer they arent belly-busters. But they are cropped. Here’s how to wear them.

How to Wear Summer 2014’s Crop Top Trend

Rule 1: It doesn’t have to bare skin. Thankfully! Sure, your crop top can lift a little, but this summer they’re just long enough to hit your pant/skirt/short waist band. It won’t cover it, but at least it won’t be over your belly button. Try this bright, solid color for $8.80 from Forever 21.

Rule 2. Try long-sleeve. Surprising, especially since it’s summer, but this style will help you feel a bit more covered than the usual tank or t. Love this pattern for $8.80 from Forever 21.

Rule 3. It doesn’t have to be fitted. Some of the cutest crop tops right now are boxy. Check this one out (plus the sweet Guns & Roses graphic). Forever 21 for $17.80

Rule 4. It can *almost* be a regular top. Love this one from Forever 21 for $9.80. It’s great because the high neck and fitted style make it look great.

So, next time you see a cute top, don’t fear – there’s sure to be one you’ll love to wear.