Every Now and Hem, You Want to Wear a Miniskirt.  Here’s Tips on How.

Lily White Zigzag Miniskirt, $28.00 from Nordstrom

One of the lyrics in Dave Matthews’ song “Crash into Me” is “hike up your skirt a little more.” Wow, what a perfect beat-the-heat suggestion for this warmer weather, Dave! (Okay, so that part of the song may have other meanings, but we won’t go there). Our interpretation? Why, it’s time to wear a miniskirt!

But before hitting your favorite store, let’s make sure we’re doing all we can to flatter ourselves as well as this summer, shorty.

Here then, are some tips on how to wear a mini:

Wake up from Thigh-bernation
It’s happened to us all: You know that lazy winter-into-spring/summer “I’ll only shave (or wax) just a little bit above my knee” effect? We call it Thigh-bernation: taking a good, intentional rest from thigh follicle maintenance, which can result in longer-than-normal neglect of that general area, even as the warmer months arrive. Rouse that razor from its slumber, baby!

You’re about to break into a mini, baring more than you typically do in your usual shorts and long skirts. So break out the waxes, scrubs, loofahs—whatever it takes—and get your legs as smooth and bump-free as you can. Sounds obvious, but we’ve all taken those shortcuts (c’mon, as if you’ve never skipped out? Like not painting your pinky toenail since it’s covered half the time anyway?).