Beauty Trend: The Big Bang Theory

What: Super heavy bangs are warming the foreheads of celebs and hair hoppers.

What the experts say: Fringe benefits are apparently back in a big, bold way. Everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Zooey Deschanel and Suri’s mommy, Katie Holmes (not to mention, Suri, herself), is sporting these heavy eyebrow-covering bangs. This from “Thick fringe softens the angles of your face and makes your eyes the center focus,” says Patrick Melville, owner of NYC’s Patrick Melville Salon.

What we say: There’s a fine line between looking like a chic runway model or a blanket-toting toddler when it comes to this style. While you may be tempted to go the “do it yourself” route and snip a straight line, resist that urge (at least, until we write a post on how to cut your own bangs).

Consult with a professional and see if this style du jour really suits your face shape, hair type, etc. Usually, a simple bang cut with a stylist won’t cost you nearly as much as a normal hair cut (only $10-$15) and often times, stylists trim bangs for free.