Clothing Glossary

It’s totally OK if dolman sleeves and bodycon sound like words from a foreign language. You don’t need to stand the embarrassment of asking your super-fashion-savvy friend what she, exactly, she means when she says she’s a huge fan of tunics.

Just take a look through our clothing glossary quick guide. And if there are clothing terms you need definitions for that we don’t have, please reach out and let us and we’ll get them written up for you asap.

Clothes on hangers

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Bodycon, short for body-conscious, is a popular style of dress characterized by its stretch, figure-hugging fabric and seductive style designed to show off a woman’s curves. The bodycon dress was first introduced to the...

Wrap Top/Surplice Top

Wrap Top/Surplice Top: a garment created by cross-wrapping fabrics, sometimes in the front or back and associated with a high/low neckline.


V-Neck/V-Back: an open yoke forming a “V” shape midway down the bodice.


Unitards: a one-piece, tightly fitted garment for the torso, legs and feet, and arms.

Tunic Style

Tunic Style: a simple slip on garment usually knee-length or longer worn as an under or outer garment.

Tulle Skirt/Bouffant Gown

Tulle Skirt/Bouffant Gown: A puffed-out, sheer colored skirt often made out of stiffened silk, rayon or nylon net.

Trapeze Top

Trapeze Top: A top that flares from the bust line out, resembling the shape of a tent.


Tankini: a two piece bathing suit in which the top portion resembles a tank top.

Sweetheart Neck

Sweetheart Neck: an open-yoke neckline shaped to form the top half of a heart.

Square Neck

Square Neck: an open-yoke neckline shaped to form a half-square.

Split Neck

Split Neck: a round neckline that forms a small “v” in the center.


Skort: Shorts+ skirt= skorts. Basically, shorts that are covered to appear like skirts.


Shrug: a small jacket that is often cropped right underneath the armpit with long sleeves.


Sheaths: Skirts/Dresses that are straight or close fitting and accompanied by a form fitting bodice. These skirts are normally ankle length and sometimes have slits in the front, side, or back to make it...

Shawl Collar

Shawl Collar: a one-piece, rounded collar that is turned down to form a continuous line from the back of the neck to the front.

Scoop Neck/Round Neck

Scoop Neck/Round Neck: a u-shaped/round neckline.

Sarong Skirt

Sarong  Skirt: A long cloth that is wrapped entirely around the body, often worn over bathing suits.

Peasant Top

Peasant Top: a romantic style top that often has a low neckline, ruffles, and is made from free flowing materials.

Off-the-Shoulder Neck

Off-the-Shoulder Neck: a neckline that displays uncovered shoulders, above the top of the bustline.

Notched Collar

Notched Collar: a two-piece collar that can be worn open.

Keyhole Neck

Keyhole Neck: a round or tear shaped cutout that meets at the front or back neckline.
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