What to Eat for Clear Skin

Is it wine? Please say it’s wine!

This is the million dollar question right? What to eat for clear skin? Is it that simple? Can we really eat our way to smooth, silky, pimple-free skin? The answer isn’t a hard yes, but it’s not a no either. And I should know, I’ve spent my life in search of the answers for my problematic skin, one that has sprouted volcanoes during the most in-opportune of moments (big dates, prom, meeting-his-parents, etc.) and now that I’m in my thirties I get to enjoy the onset of crow’s feet (or am I even passed the “onset”?) along with the occasional zit.

Alas with my creds out of the way as to why this topic is important to me, I’ll share with you the best tips I’ve learned in my decade-plus search for ways to better my skin. Please share your tips and thoughts with me below, a girl can never get enough advice!

1. Yerba Prima Colon Care Formula

Okay so this isn’t so much as to “eat” as it is to swallow, but man does it do miracles. And let me calm you immediately by assuring you that this is not a scary pill, it’s not a laxative, it’s not a “colon dump 300 maxx out elimination” or other scary thing like that, it’s simply a fiber rich supplement to help keep your colon clear of toxins. It mainly consists of psyllium seek husks, oat bran, and apple pectin. By clearing your colon, your body will have more time and energy for clear skin, and in other words, the excess bacteria will come out the right hole rather than creating one on your face–hey just being honest.

Colon Care

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Full of omega 9 essential oil which is not only excellent for your heart, but your skin as well. And akin to the Colon Care, think of olive oil as a nice lubricant for your digestive system to do what it does best and thus leave your skin to its best.

3. Orange foods (okay NOT cheetos).

By orange foods I mean foods that are real so think mangos, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, apricots, pumpkin, canteloupe. These foods high in vitamin A which is great for your skin. In fact, Accutane, the strongest prescription anti-acne medication available, is actually just synthetic vitamin A in an extremely high dose. Also if you’re into it, liver is a great source of vitamin A.


4. Circulation Movers (Paprika, Cinnamon, Cayenne)

These spices keep your ciruclation moving to give you a natural flush to your skin, they’re also anti-bacterial in nature so help keep you clean. What’s more, the paprika and cayenne are big with vitamin A too!

5. Garlic

Garlic cleans up your system. If you’re coming down with a cold, eat raw garlic. If you need to clean your skin, eat raw garlic. If you’re going on a date, don’t eat raw garlic until you come home.


6. Sunflower Seeds & Almonds

These pack a real punch full of vitamin E which is an essential vitamin to your skin’s healing process. So if you want to get over that pimple faster, you’ll need more vitamin E – also great as a topical agent to scars, scabs, and cuts.

7. Caffeine

Feeling puffy? Then have some green tea or coffee, the caffeine will help eliminate some of that puffiness and act as a mild diuretic. Chocolate, contrary to popular belief, is also a good option so long as it has 75% cacao, the flavanoids are an added benefit to the natural caffeine.

8. Kefir (organic and hormone free only!)

This somewhat pungent and sour drinkable yogurt is my go-to every morning with cereal and sometimes just on its own. The protein from this cultured milk product is great for keeping skin elastic and all of the pre and probiotics help ensure that the bacteria balance in the body remains healthy (good bacteria is our friend!) Note: if you really suffer from lactose this still could cause you some problems. While it’s much easier to digest with its cultured properties, some folks still feel bloated from kefir so try it and then go a few days without to see how you do.