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Caffeine Beauty Products: The Facts + 4 Picks to Try Right Now

Caffeine Beauty Products: The Facts + 4 Picks to Try Right Now
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As you browse the skin care aisle, you’re likely to recognize many of the ingredients. Among the retinols and copper peptides and various hydroxy acids is another newfound favorite: caffeine. The very same ingredient responsible for giving you that much-needed jolt on bleary-eyed mornings can also work wonders for your skin.

Caffeine is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. For your skin, those are excellent traits that can minimize discomfort and bust away free radical damage. But more importantly, the ingredient is also a vasoconstrictor. As it naturally restricts your blood vessels, it helps minimize puffiness and reduce inflammation — a set of magical powers especially well-suited to eye creams.

So which are the best of the best? Here are a few caffeine beauty products that are worth some experimentation.

4 Caffeine Beauty Products To Try Now

1. Sheet mask

Sure, coffee as a beverage might hype you up a little, but this sheet mask is all about soothing your skin. It’s great whether you’re coming in from a night out or just want to unwind and invest in some quality self-care on the weekend. This mask works wonders by essentially pulling puffiness and redness away from your skin. It’s enriched with green tea and turmeric, both of which help soothe tired complexions.

2. Hair mask

Caffeine may also benefit your hair. Because it’s a proven stimulant, proponents say caffeine triggers your hair follicles, encourages growth, and minimizes hair loss. Studies have shown that caffeine might be responsible for increased hair growth among those that suffer from androgenetic alopecia, a type of hair loss.

Adding a few caffeine-infused treatments to your routine certainly can’t hurt. One to try is this mask from Marc Anthony, which contains a powerful blend of ginseng and caffeine to strengthen your mane.

3. Caffeine spray

Kind of like a cup of joe for your skin, this instantly revitalizing spray contains caffeine and lemon fruit extract to brighten and awaken your complexion on those especially sleepy days. Spritz it on when you want to face the day without a stitch of makeup, but need a fresh, revived look. Bonus points for the refreshing citrus fragrance — it’s an instant perk-me-up.

4. Caffeinated eye creams

It’s no wonder that there are so many caffeinated eye creams out there. The ingredient’s impact on telltale puffiness can be incredible — work wonders on fatigued eyes. This formula from Clarins also contains line-fighting ingredients, plus escin from horse chestnut to minimize dark circles and puffiness.

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