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Take or Toss: Style Trends to Bring into the New Year

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New year, new you? That effort begins in the closet. Now’s the time to clear out the trends that are slowing down, to make room for what’s landing. The slate doesn’t need to be wiped completely clean, but there are definitely some style trends that’ve played out their days (after having served their fast fashion purpose of course).

Ready to clear some space? This guide makes sorting through the trends of the last few seasons simple.

3 Style Trends to Take (& 3 to Toss)

Belt Bags: Take

Honestly, these are just convenient. They’ll have their place this year, even if it’s limited to special occasions and events. Music festival or traveling? A belt bag couldn’t be more perfect. Let them live, unless they’re totally logo scrawled — then see below.

Cropped (and Oversized) Sportswear: Toss

Sportswear came in all sorts of sizes last year — except the normal ones. Whether you had oversized streetwear tees or cropped layering hoodies, these guys can head to the ‘Donations’ pile, where someone who actually fits the item can prosper.

Wide-Leg Bottoms: Take

Skinny jeans and slim silhouettes are on a serious hiatus, so keep the high-waist, wide-leg trousers and their cropped cousins coming. No one’s had their fill of the fantastic comfort that comes with these relaxed silhouettes, so if you’re looking for a more defined shape, simply go more form-fitting up top.

Fisherman’s Caps: Toss

It breaks my heart because who doesn’t want to look like Kate Moss? I’ll always go back to the fisherman’s cap eventually, but for now they’ve been beaten to death by the Instagram crowd (much like wool wide-brims post-Coachella). But alas, you can still keep your head warm in the storms with…

Berets: Take

If 2017 was the year of the fisherman’s cap, 2018 will be the year of the beret. This cute little wool worker bee started making the rounds in fall, but thanks to brands like Realisation Par, French girl cool will be here well through the New Year. Bonus points: Add a pin or brooch to make the look all the more your own.

Logo Tees: Toss

Trends always cycle and after a big year or two back with logos, it’s time to toss these guys back to the storage side of the closet. If we don’t see another bootleg Gucci tee for 700 days, it will still be too soon. Vintage basics never go out of style, so bring forward the brand name tees with smaller accents: think Ralph Lauren embroidery or pocket accents.

Winter Style Roundup: On-Trend Pieces for Cold Weather gives some more great ideas for how to look trendy even when it’s cold outside!

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Tuesday 9th of January 2018

Love this post! Belt bags are so convenient! Definite TAKE 😉 And wide leg pants are so flattering!

xx, Elissa

Catherine Brock

Friday 12th of January 2018

Thank you!

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