12 Summer Skirts for People Who Don’t Like Shorts

We all know that summer is all about the dress, but what about the summer skirt? A cute summer skirt is just as easy to wear. Plus, you can transition it to fall (just add tights). And for those of us who aren’t big fans of shorts (personally, I DESPISE shorts, for no other reason than that they remind me of summer camp), skirts are a perfect warm-weather alternative.
So, check out my picks for cute summer skirts, especially for those of us who don’t like shorts.

Cute Summer Skirts

Cute Skirts: The White Skirt

white eyelet skirt
Cotton Silk Eyelet Skirt, $98.00 from Ann Taylor

White skirts are the summer’s go to bottom as it’s easy to wear. The key is to make sure to look for the skirt in a lightweight cotton with a bit of detail.
Cute Skirts: The Mini

striped skirt
Picturesque Playtime Skirt, $26.99 from Modcloth

If you’ve got the legs, why not show off a bit of skin with a mini. Note: if you’re going to go this short, make sure to lotion up the legs. (just sayin’).

Cute Skirts: The Chambray

chambray skirt
Lightweight Washed Chambray Skirt, $65.00 from J.Crew

Lightweight Washed Chambray Skirt, $65.00 from J.Crew

Chambray is like denim’s thinner, cuter cousin and is the perfect way to add the “denim look” into your summer look without all the heat.

Cute Skirts: The Neon

neon yellow skirt
ASOS Woven Skater Vintage Skirt, $22,86 from ASOS

My affinity for Rainbow Brite is well-known, which explains my attraction to neon pieces like this skirt. The key to wearing this is to NOT overthink it–pair it with a black, orange or even a bright blue top and be on your way.

Cute Summer Skirts: The Pencil

orange pencil skirt
Sailor Pencil Skirt, $64.99 from Loft

This is the workhorse skirt that you will wear…and wear…and wear…all summer long. We love this version in bright orange (also available in neutral colors like dark blue) with nautical button details as it adds a nice pop to an otherwise basic skirt.

Cute Skirts: The Striped Skirt

striped, pleated skirt
ASOS Woven Midi Skirt in Stripe, $40.01 from ASOS

Most of us tend to shy away from horizontal stripes on our backside, so try a horizontal stripped skirt.

Cute Summer Skirt: The High-Low (aka Mullet Skirt)

black midi length skirt
Tulip Skirt, $29.99 from Gap

The jury is still out on whether or not the high low skirt is a summer “must have”, which is why I’m drawn to this updated version from the Gap. This skirt is all business in the back and party in the front (plus it’s on sale for $29.99)

Cute Summer Skirts: The Floral

knee length floral skirt
Floral Knee-Length Skirt, $13.80 from Forever 21

Florals, like stripes, instill fear into the heart of those of us with a bit of extra junk in our trunks. But here’s the thing: a well-placed floral print can cover up a multitude of sins.

Cute Summer Skirts: The Weekend Skirt

white denim skirt
Women’s White Denim Pencil Skirts from Old Navy

This is the skirt you will LIVE in on the weekends (and we all need a skirt like this). It’s dressy enough that you won’t be embarrassed when you see someone you know while out shopping, and comfortable enough to lounge around the house in.

Cute Skirt: The Handkerchief Skirt

long floral skirt
Farm to Fable Skirt, $59.99 from Modcloth

This is the skirt that you wear when you need a bit of happiness in your life. It’s long enough to provide coverage, but stylish enough to not be boring. Remember to keep your top basic and let the skirt lead the outfit.

Cute Skirts: The Maxi Skirt

long white peasant skirt
Women’s Gauze Maxi Skirts, $17.97 from Old Navy

There’s nothing like a good maxi skirt to take you through your day. Easy to wear and to wash, this, along with your weekend skirt, is your go-to piece.

Cute Summer Skirts: The Trendy Maxi

lace maxi skirt
Lace Tiered Maxi Skirt, $29.80 from Forever 21

This is the type of skirt you wear when you’re looking to step up your game at a casual summer wedding and/or pool party. It’s sheer enough that it gives “summer”, but provides enough coverage that no one will notice you forgot to shave.