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12 Summer Skirts for People Who Don’t Like Shorts

Two women shopping and wearing skirts

Maybe you’ve sworn off shorts because they remind you of summer camp. Or maybe it’s because your mum made you wear a goofy pair on the first day of third grade and some mean girl poked fun at your expense. Or possibly, shorts just seem sort of uncivilized to you.

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Whatever the reason, you’re not into shorts and that’s A-OK. No doubt you’ve found other ways to bare your legs. Dresses are the easiest option, of course, but this post is all about summer skirts. A cute summer skirt can be as convenient as shorts when it’s hot, but also easy to transition into fall (just add tights!).

The best summer skirts are also girly and stylish and budget-friendly, as you’ll see from our favorite picks below.

Cute Summer Skirts

The White Summer Skirt

A white skirt is easy to pair with nearly anything in your closet. For the most versatility, choose a skirt that’s lightweight and has a bit of detail. A lighter fabric keeps you comfortable, and an elevated design gives you the option to pair your new skirt with a t-shirt or tank.

The Mini Skirt

If you’ve got the legs, why not show off a bit of skin with a mini? You can easily avoid the street-walker look by choosing a piece that has a looser fit or ruffle hem. Take caution with the A-line mini aka skater skirt, as these can look a little trashy when they’re too short.

The Chambray Summer Skirt

Chambray is denim’s thinner, cuter cousin. It’s the perfect way to add the “denim look” into your summer look without all the heat.

The Neon Skirt

My affinity for Rainbow Brite is well-known, which explains my attraction to neon pieces like this skirt. The key to wearing this is not to overthink it. While the model above pairs this with another hot pink piece, the rest of us will prefer it with black, navy, white, light gray or a very soft pink.

The Pencil Skirt

This is the workhorse skirt that you will wear and wear and wear, all summer long. Choose a sporty version like this one and pair it with everything from sneakers to heeled sandals. Or pick out a piece that’s more upscale and use it to dress up your lightweight tank tops.

The Striped Skirt

Stripes are the pattern for people who don’t like patterns. A summer skirt with a vertical stripe will flatter and look stylish.

The High-Low Skirt

A little asymmetry adds some polish to your summer wardrobe. This is the type of skirt that will get noticed, both because of the bright pattern and the interesting hemline. Wear it when you want to stand out.

The Floral

A romantic floral skirt can be a showstopper and head-turner. This one features a high-rise waistband for flaunting those curves.

The Weekend Summer Skirt

We all need a skirt we can live in on the weekends. It’s dressy enough that you won’t be embarrassed when you see someone you know while out shopping, and comfortable enough to lounge around the house in.

The Handkerchief Skirt

This is the skirt that you wear when you need a bit of happiness in your life. It’s long enough to provide coverage, but stylish enough to not be boring. Remember to keep your top basic and let the skirt lead the outfit.

The Maxi Skirt

There’s nothing like a good maxi skirt to take you through your day. Easy to wear and to wash, this, along with your weekend skirt, is your go-to piece.

The Trendy Maxi

This is the type of skirt you wear when you’re looking to step up your game at a summer get-together or pool party. It’s light enough to keep that summer vibe, but polished enough to wear with your favorite pair of strappy heels.