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What to Wear in Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The infamous phrase conjures images of crazy party nights and chaos — stuff you’d only participate in when you’re away from home.

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All that craziness tends to spill into the fashion realm as well. And with the ever-present camera-phone, it’s likely that any ill-advised outfit choices won’t actually stay in Vegas. Instead, they’ll make their way onto someone’s feed, somewhere.

Whether you’re heading to Vegas for a bachelorette party, wedding, or a girls getaway, your trip can be stylish and comfortable. Some may use the destination as an excuse for tacky or overly sexy outfit choices, but you’ll sidestep that fate gracefully. Learn what to wear in Vegas with our Vegas fashion dos and don’ts below. You’ll also be inspired by our outfit ideas that’ll make your trip to Sin City one you’ll want to show off in the feeds.

What to Wear in Vegas

1. Do wear comfortable shoes.

The Strip is 4.2 miles long and walking is often easier than driving. Those gladiator sandals may look amazing with your denim shorts, but they’re going to destroy your feet and leave you with odd tan lines. Opt for a stylish pair of comfy flip flops, sandals or even tennis shoes — chunky dad sneakers are trending right now, and that’s a good thing! Also, has tips on how to make your walk on The Strip enjoyable.

2. Do wear sunscreen.

Las Vegas averages 264 days of sun each year. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll face that hot desert sun, so it’s really important to protect your skin — not just your face but your neck, chest, shoulders and legs too.

3. Do elevate your outfit with one statement accessory.

Las Vegas is a mecca of designer stores. If you plan on (window) shopping in those high-end retailers, you’ll want to look the part. It doesn’t take much either. An inexpensive sundress can easily be elevated with a nice watch or flashy ring. Even better, tie a silk scarf in your hair and avoid unwanted tan lines.

4. Do look for day-to-night outfits.

A regular day in Vegas might include walking the Strip, dropping into a pool party for a bit of day drinking, indulging in a pricey steakhouse dinner and dancing ’til morning at an exclusive club. You can either pack four outfits for each day of your trip, or you can bring along pieces to help you transition from day to night quickly.

A sleeveless wrap dress that you can wear with sandals or heels is a great, multi-purpose choice, for example. Same goes for high-waisted shorts in a lightweight fabric — during the day, wear them with a t-shirt and sneakers. At night, swap out the t for a slinky tank, a bit of jewelry and heeled sandals.

What Not to Wear in Vegas

1. Don’t wear new shoes.

Wear shoes you’ve already broken in. Even a few hours at night in a pair of sexy new heels can destroy your feet, which makes the rest of your trip pretty miserable.

2. Don’t double-down on bling.

There’s something about Vegas that compels people to overdo the bling. Take a peek in the mirror before you head out the door. If you look like you’re part of the Vegas Cabaret, remove an accessory or two. Sparkle tastefully!

3. Don’t stay in your comfort zone.

It’s Vegas! If you feel awkward trying out new styles at home, use your Vegas trip to break out of that comfort zone. Step up your style game by trying a new silhouette — high-waisted culottes, anyone? — or experimenting with a lip color that feels a shade too bold.

What to Wear in Vegas: Outfit Ideas

Wear bold and vibrant colors that pop

When shopping in Vegas, throw on a brightly colored dress or a patterned dress with ruffles, and go enjoy the town! Your bright colors don’t have to just come from dresses either. Invest in some fun accessories, sandals, shades, and handbags for your trip.

Fun, flirty rompers and wrap dresses

Rompers, play suits and wrap dresses are easy to pack and work for many types of Las Vegas adventures. During the day, a skin-baring romper is flirty and cool for walking in the sun. Swap out the shoes at night and that same romper can easily be sexy and club-worthy.

High-waisted anything

A high-waisted bottom looks very chic with a tucked-in tank, crop top or bandeau top. As noted, you can take these looks from day to night, often just by changing your shoes and adding a piece of jewelry.

A Vegas party dress

Vegas has an electric party scene. If this is your first Vegas trip, the itinerary probably includes one exclusive club night. Assuming you get your name on the VIP guest list, then you should pack an upscale party outfit to fit the scene.

Many women translate “upscale party outfit” to mean aggressively sexy. Of course you can show off your hot bod in Sin City, but you don’t have to. If you prefer a more conservative approach, look for pieces made of rich, luxurious fabrics, like velvet or silk. A drapey cut that hints a bit of skin can also deliver that upscale look. And if all else fails, wear an slinky LBD, which always works in a Vegas club.