Thick in the Middle? Here’s Some Tips on How NOT to Look Preggers

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Dear Budget Fashionista,
I just love this site! I have checked it daily for years now! Help. I am a petite bottom (size 12 to 14) and regular on top (size large or 12). I carry excess weight in my stomach and always have a pooch. When I try on the new styles that are tight in the ribcage and more flowy below, I think I look pregnant. Same with tunics. Summer is here and I hate to layer (I live in Texas) too much in the summer. What types of tops should I be looking for?

Answer: If you remember one thing from my answer, remember this: the more skin you show, the thinner you look.

Why? Because the eye travels to where the skin is at. So wearing a tank top (unless you have flabby arms like me) or a low-cut top will actually draw the eye towards your toned arms and sexy bustline, rather than your midsection.

Bias Stripe Cutout Top

Bias Stripe Cutout Top, $17.80 from Forever 21

You also want to look for cotton tops with either a collar or a v-neck with a bit of stretch (two-to-three-percent Lycra content) in a solid color or a pattern that is in scale with your body. (Contrary to popular belief, patterns can be flattering–just make sure they’re not too small or too big; i.e., if you have bigger features, go for a bigger print, and if you have smaller features, go for a smaller print.)

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  • MJ Moore

    Hey, thank you thank you thank you for busting the empire top myth!! After both my babies, I looked at the advice given for postpartum women, and the clueless fashionistas always, without exception, pointed to the empire top as a solution. And the comments after always, without exception, consisted of actual postpartum women trying to explain how empire tops are the opposite of a tummy concealer….