5 Easy Ways to Style a Maxi Skirt

Updated August 12, 2020

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Yellow and white checkered maxi skirt outfit
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The maxi skirt is nothing if not totally comfortable. It’s a forgiving choice for all body shapes, and it’s also a nice fill-in when you forget to shave (oops!) but don’t want to wear pants. You can step into a maxi skirt to stand out — when you know everyone else will show up in jeans. Or, try it for travel, as an upgrade to yoga pants.

Even with all the possibilities, you can still reach for that maxi and wonder, what else do I need to make this an outfit? It happens to the best of us, truly. The answer to that question — what to wear with a maxi skirt — is right here. Read on and enjoy!

What to Wear with a Maxi Skirt: 5 Easy Options

1. A cropped jacket


With all that length, the maxi skirt creates a lean, flattering silhouette. Play that up by pairing your skirt with a cropped jacket, as seen here on @kateogata. You’ll have legs for days!

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2. A plain white tee


Who says plain white t-shirts are boring? They’re anything but when you use them as the partner for an eye-popping maxi skirt, as @elyssedw shows so masterfully. The brilliant orange-red hue demands something less ostentatious on top. And white is fresh, summery, and feminine all at once.

3. A simple crop top


The style of your maxi skirt also plays a role in determining what you wear with it. One as bold as this style on @ventacruz1226 calls for a little simplicity. That quirky Sesame Street pattern wants to steal the show, and there’s no need to give it any competition. The pleated, flowing silhouette also needs some balance, so it’s a natural fit for a form-fitting cropped top.

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4. A tied tee


You don’t need to wear your tee the “regular” way if you’re in an experimental sort of mood. This eye-catching maxi skirt pairs well with a neutral.

But, neutral doesn’t have to mean blah. As @mombasarose shows us, the addition of the knot gives the outfit a hint of sporty chic.

4. A denim vest


It’s hard to go wrong with a bohemian-inspired look, considering the maxi skirt has its roots in boho style. @modestblondie shows how easy it is to look carefree and cool with a cropped white tee topped by a denim vest.

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5. A graphic tee


There are some looks that just don’t seem very plausible when you lay them out on your bed. But putting a body in those clothes always changes the dynamic — especially when you can top the outfit with a confident glow. That’s the beauty of pairing a graphic tee with a vibrant skirt, as @piaellis so brilliantly shows off. It’s fun, fearless, and spirited all at once.

Maxi Skirts Under $50

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