10 Must-Try Ways to Wear a Bralette

Updated February 27, 2020

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woman wearing bralette

The bralette is soft, lightweight, and easy to layer under t-shirts and blouses. If you crave an alternative to a stiff bra, the bralette is your answer. Most of them are free and light, like a girly sports bra — without the unflattering smashing effect. Read on to learn more about how to wear a bralette.

Bralettes range in design from super simple to sexy and embellished. This flirty under layer gives you a touch of chest support, but mainly serves as a visual component of your outfit. Bralettes are great for layering underneath tanks and tees, and some of them can be worn as feminine crop tops.

As far as styles go, the selection is endless. For women who prefer simplicity, soft cotton bralettes are versatile and available in many colors. If you prefer more pizzazz, try a bralette with a floral design, lace detailing, a high neck or ruched fabric.

10 Bralette Outfits 

In truth, it’s easier to find a bralette you love than it is to figure out how to wear it. Try these 10 ideas as a starting point! Soon enough, you’ll be designing new outfits of your own.

1. With a Maxi Skirt

Wear a modest lace bralette with a high-waisted maxi skirt. Opt for a solid color bralette and pair it with a printed skirt for visual contrast.

2. Under a Relaxed Tee

Choose a neon-colored bralette with slight padding to wear under a relaxed-fit, white tee. The color should show through slightly.

3. Coupled with Denim Shorts

Bralette outfit with denim shorts
Top: Lace-up Bralette, $25, Nordstrom / Bottom: Women’s Curvy Midi Shorts, $19.99, Target

Denim shorts are always in style. Pair those shorts with a simple bralette for casual weekend afternoons.

4. Bralette Beneath Backless Dresses

Backless dresses are gorgeous, but they’re hard to wear. If you don’t like going braless, reach for a dressy lace bralette. This works best if the bralette is a high-neck, racerback style — otherwise it just looks like a regular bra from the back.

5. Bralette Under a Blouse

Choose a cute bralette to sport under a sheer blouse. The ensemble will look both chic and dressy without showing too much skin.

6. Instead of a Cami

Tired of wearing full-length camisoles under every shirt? Switch to a bralette for great coverage without the bulk.

7. Paired with a Loose Tank

Loose tops and tees are an edgy garment at the moment. Allow your bralette to peek out of a loose tank.

8. Exposed under a Deep V-Neck

While many women wear camisoles under their v-necks, a bralette will do in a pinch. Choose a lace option to embellish your shirt.

9. Combined with Boyfriend Jeans

For that oh-so-casual look, combine a delicate bralette with a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans. Add a belt for contrast.

10. Bralette as sexy lingerie

The right bralette can double as a piece of sexy lingerie. For a confidence boost, choose one that gives your chest a slight lift.

As with any type of bra, not all bralettes work for all women. Shop around to find styles that work best for your individual figure and style tastes. Have fun styling your bralette!

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