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Bluefly Designer goods on sale

How to Shop

Knowing how to shop a brick-and-mortar store is different than knowing how to shop online: we tend to take the quick click route — which is the shortest amount of time between the loading...
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Women Over 40: Best Places to Shop for Clothes

There’s a story behind this post. It was originally written back in 2015 by a (younger) Budget Fashionista staffer. I gave her the topic — the best stores for women over 40 — and...
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Today’s Little Black Dress: 4 Affordable Options

Ahhh, the Little Black Dress. Such an iconic piece, and most of us probably already have at least one on standby for the holiday season. At the same time, have you really looked at...
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Does Bluefly Sell Fakes? The Fake Debate

(Editor’s note: This post about Bluefly fakes was updated 08/17 to include more sources and Bluefly’s statement on authenticity.) The fake debate continues and apparently our friends over at the internet’s number one designer...
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