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How to Shop Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s, the creator of the legendary brown bag, got started in the late 1800’s with the advent of the hoop skirt, and since then, the original department store has remained at the top by offering hundreds of other garments, trendy and timeless, to fashion-loving women. If you’re not one of them, read this guide, and then decide whether to join the phenomenon (we think you’ll say yes).

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5 must-know tips for shopping Bloomingdale’s

Close-up of woman browing clothes on rack in store like Bloomingdale's.
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1. First things first

Before you go any further, the first thing you must do as a new Bloomingdale’s customer is register and create a profile. This is important because, in the event you do make a purchase, the experience will be much more convenient. You’ll get access to your own address book and wish list, which you can get a lot of use out of. Because inevitably, there will be pieces you’ll want to buy eventually.

Signing up with your email also gives you notice of any sales or discounts that can help you attain your wish list picks.

2. The Bloomingdale’s experience

Besides being separated into typical department store sections, Bloomingdale’s, as a luxury retailer, is famous for having mini shops. The store-within-a-store concept is a space for a specific designer, story or trend.

Each mini shop is a little slice of that designer’s world plopped right down into your local Bloomies. This means that petites, outerwear, and accessories, by the same big-name designer can all be found in the same place. Sections may also be equipped with catalogs and label look books to help you find what you’re looking for. Bloomies stores also have interactive stuff like touch screen galleries and flip books.

Ironically, one of the most impressive things about the Bloomingdale’s experience is that you don’t have to visit the store at all. Local stores offer personal shoppers who work within your budget and tastes to make selections and coordinate gift wrapping, alterations and even delivery. They even keep a register of important dates in your life so you never miss a special occasion.

3. A step further

Beyond personal shoppers, Bloomindale’s offers studio services, interior designers who see your decorations from start to finish and even visitor services for NYC tourists.

Other services include assistance with sizing in stores and online and registries. Busier stores may also hold various fun events throughout the year. You can check online to see what stylish events are taking place at the Bloomingdale’s nearest you.

4. Shopping smart

Bloomingdale’s carries premiere designers such as D&G, Kate Spade, Zac Posen, Tory Burch, and so many more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t score a great deal.

Discover the new collection at Tory Burch.


Bloomingdale’s has limited time sales and clearance marked-down merchandise. Generally consistent with holiday weekends, the store makes it a point to offer 20% to 40% off a variety of styles at any given time.

Bloomindale’s also has killer Friends and Family online sales, so even those of us who aren’t friends or family can score an extra 20% off purchases.

And during the semi-annual private sales in January and June, you can score up to 50% off a huge variety of apparel and accessories. You can also earn gift cards for meeting minimum purchase thresholds.

Connect for savings

The brand is generous when it comes to coupons or discount codes. Score your share by following Bloomingdale’s on your fav social media channel, or by subscribing to emails.

Plus-size pricing

Be sure to check the pricing on plus-size merchandise, as Bloomies does have a tendency to tack on a few (or 50) extra dollars for designer plus sizes. Big name brands’ plus size pricing should be pretty consistent with other luxury department stores, but the designer labels is where they really try to squeeze more money out of their customers.

Shop around and check pricing at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, just to be sure you’re not over-paying for anything.

5. So much to see

From look books to videos to style guides, Bloomingdales offers a ton of print and online resources to help you look your best. Check out books for must-have shoes, spring fashion trends, weddings and closet essentials, or watch videos of your favorite celebs showing off the newest stylish offerings.

With so many resources, you’re likely to fall in love with Bloomingdale’s and its famous brown bag. All the more reason to sharpen your budgeting skills and flex your money-saving muscles.

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