How to Tell if Your Louis Vuitton is Fake

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Many unsuspecting budget fashionistas spend up to $1000 on “authentic” Louis Vuitton bags that turn out to be fakes. Before purchasing your bag, read these basic rules to determine whether or not your Louis Vuitton is fake.

How to Tell If Your Louis Vuitton is Fake: 12 Ways

  1. If it claims to be brand new and costs less than $300, most likely it is fake.
  2. If the “LV”  logo is upright on both sides, it might be a fake.
  3. If it’s brand new and being sold on eBay or Yahoo! Auctions for less than $100, there is a good chance it’s fake.
  4. If the piping is not leather, it is fake.
  5. If the seams are uneven, frayed, the monogram is off or the bag is poorly sewn, it is definitely fake.
  6. If there is no date code (a.k.a date number) provided or if the seller is reluctant to provide a date code or receipt, it could be fake.
  7. If it’s a new bag and the bag’s handle is a different color leather than that of the piping, it’s fake.
  8. If the seller doesn’t allow returns, most likely it’s fake.
  9. If you bought it in your local Chinatown or from a street vendor, it’s fake.
  10. If the dust cover has rounded edges and/or it doesn’t come with a dust cover, it’s fake.
  11. If the bag has a hanging tag (of any type) or a bright yellow tag or envelope, it’s definitely a fake.
  12. If you bought the bag on an ecommerce site other than (be careful of eBay), it’s fake.

For more information on how to tell the authenticity of your Louis Vuitton bag, visit an authorized Louis Vuitton retailer (a boutique at your local high-end mall), or call the Louis Vuitton headquarters at (212) 758-8877.

A Great Video Showing How Louis Vuitton Bags are Made

FAQs: Legal Issues Behind Buying a Fake Louis Vuitton Handbag

Law professor and blogger Susan Scafidi gives us the legal issues behind buying or selling counterfeit goods.

Can I get arrested or fined for just buying a fake?

Not in the U.S. But both France and Italy have passed laws targeting consumers of counterfeit merchandise.  Also, if you go on vacation outside the U.S. and try to bring back an illegal fake, both you and the merchandise could be stopped at customs.  But hey, at least you’ll have a great tan in your mug shot.

Is manufacturing or selling a handbag with a fake Louis Vuitton or Prada label illegal?

Yes. You already knew that one. Law enforcement can seize not only counterfeit items but also other things used to facilitate trafficking, like computers or automobiles.  So think twice before driving downtown to pick up a load of fakes and then printing invitations to a neighborhood purse party.

Is it still illegal if the buyer knows it’s fake, and the seller admits it and disclaims any association with the designer?

Yes. There’s still a chance of “consumer confusion” (the test for trademark infringement) among other people who see the bag or upon resale.

What if the bag doesn’t have a logo but otherwise looks just like an Hermes Birkin?

That’s a bit more complicated, but for an iconic design, a court might find the bag illegal under a theory of “trade dress” protection.  The closer the copy is to a recognizable, famous original, the more likely it is to be illegal.

If selling counterfeits is illegal, why is it so easy to find them online or on the street?  In New York, you can even buy unauthorized NYPD t-shirts and hats!

Law enforcement is expensive and there’s an eager market.  For some manufacturers, the potential for huge profits makes the risks worthwhile.

But this is fashion. Everybody copies everybody else! How else would we know that wedge espadrilles and lace are “in” for spring?

The new law would apply only to literal copies, not trends or inspiration.  But it could bring about some changes. In 1994, YSL sued Ralph Lauren for copying an evening gown under a similar law in France, and won.

The bottom line, from a legal perspective anyway, is that selling and even buying fakes can be risky, but the choice is up to you.  Will it be a cheap designer knockoff or an original at an affordable price point? Class dismissed. It’s time to shop!

I have no opinion one way or the other on the whole fake bag issue. However, most people assume if you’re carrying a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas, it’s a fake. So why bother purchasing the fake OR the real thing? My advice: head to the nearest Loehmanns, Marshalls, Off Fifth, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Last Call Neiman Marcus, purchase a real, high quality bag (Kooba, Marc Jacobs, Longchamp, Rebecca Minkoff, Cole Haan) for cheap and put the money you save into your retirement account.

Susan Scafidi, Counterfeit Chic

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Blog Comments

I had recently bought two LV products from my local thrift store and well seeing as they are used they have a bit of casual wear and tear everything seems to be in good order of what you listed as fake and what not but how does this count for like the french purse style wallett when its open its all one strip of LV Leather and all of it is infact the same direction till you fold it in half then its half and half…
also I have this strange back pack styled purse and I’m gonna have to alter it any way due to the fact that one of the straps is broken and I got it for dirt cheap due to the broken ness my thrift store people are really nice.
but do you have any other suggestions on telling if they are real or fake or do i need to surf the web more?

Coach is a “high quality bag”??????


This is helpful! Thanks! I think mine might be fake but I don’t care!! I bought it at a second hand store for hardly anything and it still looks good to me.

[email protected] Jordan… I have bags from every designer imaginable, and yes, they are all real. I have a 10 year old Coach black leather bag that has held up better than any of my other bags. You are clearly an insecure materialistic person who trolls the internet looking for ways to annoy and offend people. I am a practicing attorney in Manhattan and my husband is a Vice President on Wall Street so it is safe to say I can afford any types of bags and clothing I desire. I own a full closet full Chanel, LV, Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci and every other brand imaginable and for every day use, I always choose my Coach leather bags to carry because of their durability. I speak from much experience when I say yes, Coach is a “high quality bag”.

I agree! Own a few Coach bags, had some for years. They’re ready durable.

Well said! I agree! Honda up better than any of my Louis Vuitton bags that’s for sure! And Jordan? Get a life. She’s right. I’m a shrink you’re vanity and arrogance is not attractive.

coach isnt in right now lv is

On the “Coach” note. Their customer service is absolutely AMAZING! To summarize, I was looking for a purse no longer available and Coaoch customer service helped me locate one (the last one) in the US and had it shipped to us in Canada free of charge as part of the Birthday surprise for my mother-in-law!!!

👏Very well said! Material things do not define you, your character does!!!!! I admit I cannot afford a LV but I would definitely love one! Just because I don’t have a whole lot of money doesn’t make me any less classy, or beneath anyone! I applaud you Karen!

My husband is a corporate executive so I too have a closet full of high end designer brands. Coach is good but I agree that it can’t be classified a “high quality bag.” The designs are getting way too tacky and have become popular amongst 12 year old girls. Made in China and overpriced for the quality of material used, Coach is most definitely over-hyped and cannot qualify as “high quality.”

Karen, ignore the haters. No need to stoop down their level.

Both great points Karen and Stacy…I must say that once I got my Gucci and LV……my Coach has become my litttle red-headed step children! 🙁

I love my Micheal Kors, LV, Prada and many others including Coach…But Coach…High Quality…not so much anymore….They are more of a Budget friendly Good Brand that everyone can easily obtain for cheap

Coach might be first class for someone living in Alabama or your grandma. I have seen coach for sale at Marshalls, that tells you. Every time I see a Coach purse for some reason I remember Samsonite luggage.

FYI. we’ve also seen Chloe, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs on sale at Marshalls/TJ Maxx

WOW!!! You all sound like a bunch of pretentious snobs!!! I have one question for you, “who cares?” Be happy with what you have, and stop trying to impress everyone with your material items. Status seekers are clearly not my idea of classy. Like the handbags you’re coveting–GET REAL!!!!

I agree! I have a Coach duffle/overnight bag and I love it and it’s 6 years old and literally looks like I just got it a few months ago. Coach stands up to wear n tear greatly! I don’t give a shit if you own Louis Vuitton himself it doesn’t matter what you haven’t how much you pay for a bag or purse or whatever it’s hey if you can get a deal that’s the best feeling ever no matter how much money you have. And I’m a practicing Attorney as well and I LOVE getting deals! And I LOVE my Coach!! And whatever the brand even if it’s WalMart hey as long as you feel great about yourself and you feel beautiful who the hell cares!!!! And I’m a firm believer if you’re online bragging about money you have and spend you’re full of shit and just want to belittle people to make yourself feel better. You must lead a miserable life if all you have is an authentic Gucci or LV and need to brag about it on any site! *eyes rolling*!!!!

I’ve recently purchased a fake Louis vuitton speedy azul, I paid $75 for it and have been getting so many compliments. I LOVE IT!!

That’s all that matters!!! Good for you!!!

Dear Bethany, Something to be aware of: not all of us from Alabama are ignorant. In fact, for making a comment like that I’d say you belong in this fictitious “Alabama” that you imagine exists.

I agree! And I’m from Ontario Canada! Canadians and Alabamians are the most polite people you will ever have the chance of having our acquaintances!

Well I would really love to have any of those bags so why don’t you guys send me all your old ones you dont like anymore I would really appericate any of them since you guys have so much $$$$$$$ to spend on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a mother of 3and currently got laid off from my job and would love any clothes or anything you guys dont want or need to help me out thanks!!!!!!!!! I’ll send my address when I get your e-mail thanks!

Me too but I was burned beyond 4th degree when I was 8 and I’m 43 now and have had over 400 surgeries on my burn and the most recent yesterday, literally! I would LIVE to be able to be able to dress nicely. Like obviously I dress nice for work but I’d like to dress nice for after work parties and getting ethers and family stuff so ya I’ll take whatever you e got that’s too old or out of date for you as well!!!! I’m not ashamed to ask!

If i must say so myself coach isnt as high quality as it Used to Be . At one point i Have to agree thay coach was VERY High quality , but still tll this day coach is fashionable and durable . If yours is real that is .

Just wondering but if all you people commenting on this telling people about how you have sooooo many real purses then why are you on this “how to tell if louis vuitton is fake” website????

Boom! Mike drop!

And walk away! Lmao Well said Stephanie! Well said my friend!

Bye Felicia…haha


You told them!! You are dead on!!

Get a life people.

Okay everybody — we appreciate the spirited, er, debate … but let’s try to keep it friendly and civil, shall we? And on a side note, I happen to enjoy people from Alabama. I’m just sayin’.

Hi all of you that are boasting about being able to get anything you want because you have so much money I pity you because to make yourself feel good you have to sit on here and try and make people envy you. Well it’s not worked I’m afraid. I saves for 6 months to buy my bag and I love it! I feel proud that I worked hard for it. So get a life you jumped up spoilt little brats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I’m a bag lovers, I do love buy original LV and Gucci and many more, but I also buy knock off LV, there is nothing wrong wit it, it suit you and that is fine by me.

Except there is something wrong with it. It’s illegal, for one. It’s tacky. It cheats the actual designer out of profit & brings down the value of the real thing. That’s part of what happened to Coach. Everyone that couldn’t afford the real thing went and bought a fake, so Coach started being associated with cheap & tacky people. BTW, anyone with any fashion knowledge can spot a fake a mile away. It’s not cute. I’d carry a Target or Walmart bag before I’d wear a fake. It’s THAT tacky.

Really? I doubt you’re that good!

i think i just bought fake monogram LV at a charity auction at a local thrift store,it came with an LV scarf and a belt,i spent $65. but i honestly dont care if its real or not because the proceeds went to a good cause,and to be honest its one of the best fakes ive ever seen but the big tip off was no date code,but other than that it was almost perfect. and i love its style,now i dont have to dig to the bottom of my purses anymore because it has an opening like one of those old fashioned doctors may not be authentic or expensive,but i love it anyways,besides at least its got some character to it,unlike the real bags that are all built the same,at least i would be able to find mine in a pile of those expensive clone bags lol. im not poor,but im not rich either,my husband is in the Army and im a homemaker an i sell my own paintings sometimes,but thats just a hobby. anyways its kind of strange that the so called “filthy rich and spoiled wives” have to come onto a website to convince everyone how much money they have. for one thats kinda sad and two,if you had so much money you wouldnt have to tell everyone,most rich people i know,dont even like to discuss their finances because its considered rude,and they have some class and humility,maybe you rich bag snobs should take a page from their book.

I personally own many “High End” purses: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Coach, ect. And I personally choose Coach over any of my other purses. Bethany, obviously you have a very diminutive mind and outlook on current society. It kills me how ignorant you are by basically categorizing Alabama as “Lower Class” or whatever your views maybe. I am from Alabama and your opinion I must say is very insignificant. Not to mention, you just sound uneducated.

Wow!! This conversation turned really ugly…I just want to say that I LOvE Coach & I LoVE LV too…I have several of both and for daily use I have my Coach bags and I get compliments all the time…Coach is a bit more durable and at the end of the day it would kill me if my LVs get messed up but I can spare a Coach bag or two! Lol

you guys are arguing whether Coach is a high brand or not when some people can’t even afford it so all of you need to relax .. nobody cares how much money you have or how you can buy whatever you want, I’m sorry all of us can’t be as “lucky” as you are -__- ANYWAYS .. I believe that Coach is a High brand because of the fact that it last .. why pay 59379472979274 dollars on something that won’t even last? Quality over How much it is & How it looks so good -_- .

At the end of the day you can’t take your purses to HELL or HEAVEN. Since you all are so BLESSED how about you bless some else with a purse you dnt use. NO ONE IS SO RICH THAT THEY CAN’T HELP AND NO ONE IS SO POOR THEY DNT WANTA RECEIVE THE HELP. God Bless Ms Destiny frm Jax FL


I just picked up an LV bag from a consignment boutique for $30.00 and was just wondering if I got a good deal or not, but I can see that I’ve come to the wrong website to dertermine it’s autenticity because these conversations all have to do with Coach???

But since I’m here already, my two cents are… “to each their own”! Why can’t we all just get along??


I bought a Louis Vuitton men’s business wallet from a very upper class Dallas neighborhood.. I am wondering if it is real..It has the Made in Italy leather tab, Louis Vuitton on the hardware & a serial number under a trim leather flap..
Are there Louis Vuitton stores I can take it to for verification??

I’m from Dallas as well! Take it to keeks. Or clotheshorse anonymous.

What about the coach bag that costs couple thousand dollars ?
I saw someone writing that coach is seen with teens, and what about LV? I’ve seen many little girls with LV bags… and it doesn’t say anything about it’s quality.
Anyways this topic was supposed to be about whether LV bag is fake or not…

Liars. I was going to post a question on here about a bag I got from a friend, but I see there are a bunch of teenagers on here pretending to be attorneys and kept wives of CEO’s. Really people, if you had that kind of money, why would you be on “budgetfashionista” on the topic how to tell if your LV is fake? Wouldn’t you have gone to an LV boutique to get your bags? You’d know it was real. Know one believes you but if it makes you feel better to pretend you’re rich cool, I’m married to a billionare and I’m a princess! Anyway I’m really a working class mom trying to find some info on a bag, it’s a large cream color, leather bag. It says Louis Vuitton down each side in canvas I think (I don’t have it with me), the “Made In France looks real but I’m still pretty skeptical, I haven’t been able to find an image of a bag even simialar to this one. It’s new, but something that seemed odd to me was it had a leather tag on it with the logo like a coach bag, I don’t recall seeing that on real LV’s? Maybe I just never noticed, has anyone seen a bag like this in the last few years? I’m going to take a closer look at it and the dust bag tonight.

Not always. I’m actually looking for a bag that has been discontinued, so I’m purchasing used. The fact that someone is buying a $2000 preowned bag, obviously doesn’t mean they can’t afford a new bag. Most authentic LVS are still at least $1000 preowned, depending on the style..
Anyway, I know this post is old, but maybe this can help someone else looking for an answer to this question.. If your bag was purchased new, but was not purchased from a Louis Vuitton store or, it is fake. Any variation of that Web address is fake. Louis Vuitton NEVER goes on sale. They actually raise their prices twice a year. If you come across a site claiming to have LV on sale, it’s positively fake. However, there are other places to buy preowned, but you have to be careful.

I bought my first Coach bag back in 1999. The bags are or WERE, in fact, EXTREMELY durable. COACH actually started out making baseball mits or gloves back in 1941 in New York! Neat story behind Coach… I really haven’t been a fan of the designs that they’ve come out with the past 10 years but I can still, to this day, carry the bags I received as a gifts 12 years ago. They were all a classic designs which will never go out of style and the actual “quality” of the bag is tip-top. LV, Prada, Gucci, whatever your poison, are all great bags, it’s just preference and the pressures of keeping up with “The Jones”. ALL bags are made from the same materials, it’s the price tag that makes people feel important. STATUS. HA!

To texas Lady…yes your wallet is real…it has the number stamped in the wallet…authenic for sure…lucky you

Some fakes also have date codes. It depends on what the code is.

Seriously people?!? I own authentic’s but will still buy knock-offs with everything going on in this world.. Floods,tsunami’s, earthquakes, and war and you people are actually arguing over handbags!!!! Come on!!

Can an authentic lv be make in the United States – vintage bags

Dear texas lady, Are you talking about North Park Mall (i love that place) if so then it’s most likely real because they sell alot of expensive designer brands there

can somebody tell me about this, pls..
if there such things as ‘Material & hardware is from USA and reassemble is in China’?? is this gonna be real or fake? because its quite expensive to me .. like a small wallet can cost to $140 …

thank you

I can’t afford these purses like you guys, I live off a military paycheck (not much). However, I can afford the fake ones from the wonderful men on the street corner. They may not be perfect, but being overseas…you’d be surprised at how well the do putting them together. If one day, I can afford these wonderful creations….who would be the best to go with? So far, I like Prada. Or you can send me your old ones ; ) just a thought. I am a firm believer that all women should own one of these expesive purses at least once, even if they have to wait till their 80 to get one!!

My Thoughts: ( I have bought authentic LV bags and very nice replicas)
1. First and foremost . . ” imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”
2. All the power to companies like LV, Gucci, Prada, Chanel and a few others who can make a nice bag and convince people who are insanely wealthy that this bag is really worth what they charge for them. If I can build any product for $50 and sell it for $3500, I will be the first one to do it and so would anyone reading this article.
3. Yes, we all love the styles of these high-end manufacturers.
4. Reality dictates than many of who love the styles of these high-end manufacturers, CANNOT afford them.
5. There are many brands such as Coach, Derrick Aleander, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and many others that offer excellent-wearing and stylish products at a fraction of the cost
of LV, Prada, Chanel and others. Most cases are 15%-20% of the high-end prices.

Here’s my logic (and this
1. If someone wants a $4000-$30,000 LV or similar bag and can afford it . .
ALL THE POWER TO YOU! If I was LV, I will be happy to take your money.

You make way more money than I do and I wish I had your money. You will and can afford to keep that bag for a year or two and throw it away. Again, more money than brains.

2. There are many of us who love the style of the high-end manufacturers but cannot afford it. They have a choice . . buy a nice Coach, MK, MJ or DA and have a very nice durable product with a GREAT WARRANTY! My wife has a DA and they fixed a zipper instantly . . . no questions asked.

3. For the rest of us . . . I personaly feel that if some Chinese company can make a real leather copy of an LV bag and ship it to North America for $200 or less and clearly stated in their ad that they are selling a REPICA LV, what is illegal about that?
First, LV is not losing any money because the buyer of that replica cannot afford an authentic LV in the first place.
Second , the Chinese company is not trying to sell you a replica as an authentic.
Third, styles and popularity change over the years. I am sure a buyer of a $200 replica would have no problem putting that replica in the closet after the style is no longer popular.
The buyer that paid $35oo+ is stuck with it . . but remember . . they have more money than brains.

As a buyer of authentic LV Bags (and other high-end brands, PRADA)
I have no problem with and see nothing illegal about any company, Chinese or otherwise, selling REPLICA handbags as long as their website or any other form of advertising clearly states they are selling REPLICA BAGS and NOT AUTHENTIC ORIGNALS.

Having said that, I do think it is against the law to sell replicas as originals at high and near retail prices. These people should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Bottom line is HONESTY is the key issue.
If you are selling a replica of a $3550 LV for $200 . . TELL PEOPLE THAT!
Then it’s their decision.

If you are selling a replica of a $3500 LV for $2500 and calling authentic,
you deserve to go to jail and you are a criminal!

Common sense and fairness . . that’s what it'[s all about!

Thank you for your time.
LV Owner and Buyer

I found this site most helpful( eBay How to spot fake LV).


this website doesn’t help me at all, I’m here to seek help or get some tips how to identify the real LV to a fake one, I’m not buying one even if i could my friend just bought one and asking me for help if she got the real thing. instead , ladies talking about how many purses, money they have. it just bunch of Hippocrates !!! get real people! there’s starving children out there !try to give some of your fortune please!

Lol I did find this site somewhat helpful but it is so funny how ppl talk so much crap and like to act like children I do not have any brand purses but I am trying to decide which one I like better but buy a knock off and like some tips to not buy a complete noticeable knockoff so now I have a somewhat of an idea

I am from TX and Coach is high end for me. My question to all the people that are putting others down about their Coach purses is “Why are you on this website trying to figure out whether your LV purse is real or not?”

get real people…folks from developing countries would laugh at how ignorant and stupid some of the comments made on this site. I got my first LV bag from Australia and I compared it from the different LV bags that are sold in one of the thrift stores here in Asia. They look pretty much the same but the one I saw from the thrift store was fake because it’s brand new but it only costs $100.00. The material is way too different since the LV bag I got from Australia is made of quality leather material. But I’d like to stress another point here: I’ve been to many different countries and I cannot fathom the ignorance of some Americans who knew nothing about the world but their own little State.. True enough, there’s a proliferation of China made products i.e. purses, perfumes, etc. that I may say do not have the same quality as the those manufactured in the US. You know why this happens?> Because some Americans don’t think. You voted for people that don’t know anything about foreign policy. In 25 years you”ll be devoured by sleeping giants whom you’ve abused for many many long years under the guise of financial aid. You reap what sow.- And to those who will wonder why i made such comment is because It makes me sick to my stomach reading comments from hypocrites who talk about being rich and filthy and don’t make any sense. If I know, you belong to those who are considered parasites of the government and being fed by the taxes paid by hardworking immigrants without whom your country will wither away in oblivion. WAKE UP!!!

@ Irish Immigrant: You’re actually right. There are sooo many “high class” and materialistic people here in the U.S. that are down right retarded when it comes to the rest of the world. One day, material things will not matter and they’ll be grateful for what the do have because they’ll realize the most important things in life are not what you can spend thousands of dollars on.

karlie i agree with you they all need to get a life paying a $1000.00 for a purse and don’t have $50.00 to put in it lmao

I have a LV classic handbag that I got from my wealthy aunt about 35 years ago. I don’t know if they even made fakes back then. did they? this one has a paper tag sewn into the seam that says “Manufactured in the U.S.A, Under special License to the French Co.” what is that all about? also what is written on the zipper tab-that will prove it’s authenticity? I will be so surprised that this is not authentic. help me.

@Wendyb i would probably take it to the LV shop. It may be a real one.

My daughter spent a year living in Mexico and brought back 2 Louis Vuitton purses, one for me and one for her sister. She said they cost her $30 in American money. Of course I know they’re fake, mine is red with gold trim and a gold label on the front. Do I care if it’s fake? NO! I get lots of complements on it and the only thing that bothers me is that someone may try to steal it. Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a purse that someone would have to examine closely to see that’s it’s fake? It’s a cute purse, I’m thankful for the people who are smart enough to make fake ones.After reading all the posts about how to tell fake ones, I’m sure they will get even better making them.

Hey all , I have a LV purse I love it, I got it at NM @ NorthPark Mall in Dallas………. Not High End Ummmmmm, Coach Purse’s, most certainly are, I paid over 1500.00 for mine , it is so pretty!!!!!!!!!! I get so many compliment’s on it!!!!!!! It is my favorite purse!!!!!! It is most definatly a very high end CLASSY PURSE!!!!!!!! Whomever said it is not, doe’s not know purse’s period LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! All of you pretending to be so wealthy, sound just stupid, and most likely look like pigs LMAO!!!!!!!!!!I am not one to brag, but I will b/c you all make me sick, bragging on yourself’s LOL!!!!!!!!! I was a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader 2 season’s ago, I am fit and have long blonde hair, and believe you me, I turn head’s everywhere I go LOL, I am now married, and I am involved in many charitie’s I am involved with helping, and counceling women with BREAST CANCER, thing’s that are important in life , not bragging on my net worth or desighner bag’s HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a true Christian and, b/l me you cannot take your purse’s with you when you pass away lol……….. Anyone of us could die in a car wreck tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Think b/f you speak ok, purses are not very important!!!!!!!!! Life is, and giving back to help people, are important, this society today is so greedy it isn’t funny, so I say get RIGHT < OR GET LEFT , YA KNOW think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beth in Texas PS Alabama Rock's!!!!!!! Some people are so stupid lol!!!!!!!!!!

I love how everyone has expressed how much money their HUSBANDS make, obviously not making enough of their own to speak of. Quit wasting time talking about your dumb handbags, get an education and some money of your own.

Really great points here! I hope everyone pays attention and puts fake bags to stop. Not only are they illegal, but in most cases you can tell they are fake! Real bags will last a lifetime, so invest in quality.

Good tips.
Also if the bottom of the V touches the L it’s fake.
And if it doesn’t have the same pattern all the way around it’s fake.

I am having trouble finding where my bag was made, and when which is leading me to believe its fake. Someone went WAY out of there way to make it look authentic if so, There is a small leather tag inside with the letters and numbers VA0350 it is a blue denim GLOBE SHOPPER CABAS TRUNKS BAG
The numbers dont make any sense to me, and was wondering if someone could help out. I have plenty of picstures as well, if needed, THANKS

i have a louis vuitton purse with lv in it in dif, colors an i a tan threading his name spelled out, on it an a sticker in side sewn with his full name an saying made in paris is this real or fake,,,my sonin law bought it for me for 600,,if you could help some one get back to me, thank you it,s large deep purse it has a lock with a black leather tossle in side has his name stamped on all the clasps to close it an on the tossle holder

I just purchased a bag not sure it is real. Inside tag says M51127.

I have a huge LV duffel bag and i dont know whether or not its real. My sister got it in a box full of things someone gave her about 4 or 5 years ago and i talked her out of it. Ive read about how to tell if its real or not but im still unsure and how do i know what it is worth if it is real. Its definately real leather inside. The bottom of the V does not touch the L. Its got a lock on the zipper and All zippers have LV on them. All studs or buttons have Louis Vuitton on them. What else do i look for and any idea what its worth?

Heather: That is just nasty. I DO have an education, also a husband that makes money. Chill out girl, you might meet a “love of your life, hubbie” someday; but not with an attitude like that. Those that write in here are just curious. If you are not interested, why are you visiting the site?

the inside of the purse os always suppose to have red lining and if the handles change colors then u Deff know that it isn’t real the seams should be perfect and the inside should be soft not beige hard Ect ..!!

Nothing about this comment is correct.

Actually, it says “if the straps “DO” change, it’s def authentic!

as an overseas worker, usually i see genuine LV with tag inside its pocket., also it shows the name paris and made from which city…

How about if everything appears real, but there is no visible serial no# Thanks.

it can be if it is vintage but vintage bags don’t have LV on the zipper check and see if it is an actual vintage otherwise its an absolute fake

i want to know if my purse real i have black leather purse and the lv inside the purse next to zipper the lv in the stitches is it real

Can somebody help me please!! My Lv has red lv on the front but i thought lv didnt make red lvs on his multicolor bags???!!! & it says luis vuitton on the inside & underneith it says paris..i need to know more ways i cancheck n see if its a fake!!!

There are many other ways to spot a replica. Replica sites have return policies too and there’s so way you could get arrested if you’re traveling with a fake, to or outside US. Even though France and Italy have laws to stop counterfeit, sometimes, not even an expert can tell if a bag is a replica or not. If you want to know more about replicas, visit my blog,

I have two bags. Ome of them I feel is more real than the other because my mom gave it to me on my birthday. This bas has been used to death and the more I use it the more I move it.

The bag I have now is very, very still and very attractive. But it makes me nervous to think that I might be carrying around one that is not real and could get arrested. Is that really true. I’m just a girl who wants to have nice things likve everyone else but I don’t want to go to jail for it. Thanks so much.

well I myself a bag lover i also buy original and some knock offs and yes i agree seriously nothing wrong with it as long as you love it and enjoy it. Also, why hate? As long as you didnt steal it thats all it matters

This is crazy! I came to look for some info and all there is is a bunch of ignorants, wow get a life!

Has anyone ever heard of a company called LUXE-HD based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida?Supposedly They sell Authentic LV,Gucci,Hermes and many more High End Designers. Well I purchased a Keepall45 for $720.00, it has all the stamps where they are supposed to be and it smell like leather also, but now im thinking someone mentioned that LV does not put hanging tags on its purses? this one has a luggage tag with the” Louis Vuitton made in France” on it. Does my bag sound authentic? Also what is this I keep hearing about LV bags have a red linning inside, mine is a kind of like a burnt mustard/brownish color, Im confused, Please help!

If you want to know for sure that you’re buying a real Chanel handbag, check the size of the bag, usually fake bags are bigger. If you want to know more about how to spot a fake Chanel bag, visit my blog, or send me a message on Facebook, I’m Eva Knox 🙂

The best way to answer that question is to contact LV and ask them if this business is an authorized LV distributor. If you go to the LV website, their number is posted out there for these types of questions. The interior is not always red. There are several different interior types. Hope this helps.

well personally i had first a lv authentic bought at platos closet for 26 bucks awesome my second was a coach purse it didnt hold up as well im rough on mypurses i 2 boys it get s thrown around alot my coacgh i got form a high end good will big city they authenticated it i paid 15 course i hagled a bit ut it didnt hold up as well its starting to come apart as welll as my lv handles they never last so for us people who have no real expenses (lol) we go to budget stores like these and become HIGH END THRIFTERS YOU ROCK GIRLS ( BUDGET FRIENDLY LOVE )

After doing A LOT of studying and searching on the internet and a lot of scanning my bag i found out my lv bag is fake. I’ve never used it and really don’t plan too ( i’m not really a purse girl)only have it because it was a gift. I’m pretty poor myself so i really wouldn’t want to scam someone out of money but i’m in a hard place right now. My question is how much can i reasonably sell the bag for since its never left the box i was given it in? Any help would be so appreciated thanks.

An authentic LV will NEVER say “Made in Paris”
And a lot of newer LV’s won’t have a “serial number”

I just got a Louis Vuitton bag and I can’t find any other handbags similar in style online. Is there a database for all the vintage bags or can I send photos to see if the style is a Louis Vuitton?

It’s amazing how people are convinced it’s okay to produce and buy knock offs when it’s actually illegal. I was hoping you’ll show photos to compare the fake ones and the authentic ones.

Dear husband just bought me an authentic Louis Vuitton hand bag…..I have waited decades for it and am blessed we finally can comfortably afford it. There ARE some very convincing knock offs out there. Although due to what ever insecurities I might have, I simply couldn’t pull off carrying a fake bag, but more power to those who can!! High fives!,

Very nice tips if you ask me:)
love this one: If you bought it in your local Chinatown or from a street vendor, it’s fake.” So true…

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