Fall Fashion Trend 101: Tips for Wearing Green

Green, for better or for worse, is a hot color this fall. However, green can be one difficult color to wear (other than on St. Patrick’s Day). The color can appear over-bearing on the rack and difficult to adapt to different skin tones (unless you’re a red head). In terms of make-up, while green eye shadow can be quite flattering for those of us with big brown eyes, for most it sounds like it should belong on a Halloween costume.

Yet, the color is a hot trend for this fall (don’t shoot us, we’re just the messengers). So we came up with a few tips to help you incorporate the trend into your wardrobe and beauty drawer.

How to Wear Green This Fall

Green Beauty Products

Green Makeup

Photo Credit: Marie Claire 

Green eye shadow is stunning on both brown and green eyes. In order to make this style work, the key is modesty. Try putting on the green eye shadow first and then going over it with a rich brown. Then, at the height of your brow, put a shimmery metallic finish that’s so fashionable this season. This helps keep your make up modest and beautiful, while still letting a little green shine through.

Green Trend: Accessories

Green Earrings

Jade Cabochon Tassel Earrings, $12 at Target

A great way to incorporate green into your wardrobe is use the power of accessories. A simple pair of green earrings (especially when combined with a metal like gold) can be an easy way to add the trend into your wardrobe.

Green Clothing

Green Dress

Women’s Trapunto Dress, 27.99 at Target

The same rules that apply to green accessories apply to green clothing as well. If you’re still “Style 101”, then you want to go for a simple green. For example, a jade green sweater would be pretty with a long statement necklace, dark jeans, and leather boots. Additionally, any green dress pairs well with black tights and flats.

Now, if you’ve graduated to “Style 201”, you should try to work neon into your wardrobe, however DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN $50 on a neon piece. We’re still in a recession.

Neon Yellow Dress

Cross-Back Electric Lime Dress, $26.99 Charlotte Russe


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Blog Comments

I was very anti-green shadow (I have blue eyes) but a cosmetician talked me into to trying it. With the right base and highlight I fell in love with it. It is all in how you wear it and finding out is the first step. 😉

That “Lime Green” dress looks yellow to me.

Green is my favorite color, and I wear it year round. It’s really a matter of finding the right shade of green to wear. My best shade is olive green, so I’m always looking for that.

Wow! This is going to be a hard one to pull off this season. I would try a jade color first!

Wow! Thanks! I love green so much, but I don’t want to end up looking like a walking bok choy! I hope I can pull this off. But need to budget my cash, so no credit card, just a debit card with me, my pink ace elite and I get rewarded for shopping. 🙂

Hope Target still has that Trapunto dress… 🙂

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