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10 Awesome Eyeglass Frames Under $100

Your face is often the first thing people notice about you, so choosing glasses that work well with your face structure is key. However, eyeglasses can be ridiculously expensive ($300 for plastic that cost less than $20 to make…really?). We say skip the overpriced frames and check out our favorite trends all for under $100.

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Awesome Eyeglass Frames for Under $100

Geek Chic

Geek Eyeglasses

1. Kalverstraat Eyeglasses $99.00 at

2. Retro Red Framed Eyeglasses, $19.00 at Zenni Optical

3. Armani Exchange 220 Black and Pink Eyeglasses, $94.95 at

Works For: Round Faces, Cool Geeks,
These frames are thick, bold, and completely fashion forward. They are also incredibly versatile, working well with looks ranging from vintage to ultra contemporary.

Tortoise Shell

Tortoise Shell

1. Alexander Platz Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses, $99.00 at

2. Betty Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses, $59.00 at Glasses USA

3. Wiloughby Eyeglasses, $95 at Warby Parker

Works For: Hipsters, Educators, Librarian, Darker Skin Tones, Hipster Educator Librarians
We love tortoise shell glasses, mostly because the frames are both fashion-forward and smart. These frames usually work best for those with darker skin tones and dark hair.

Sides With Style

Colored Sides Eyeglasses

1. Purple and Lime Eyeglasses $29.95 at Zenni Optical

2. Clear and Faux Wood frames, $12.95 at Zenni Optical

3 . Full Rim Glasses, $9.95 at Zenni Optical

Works For: Anyone with enough style-guts to wear them
If you’ve got a lot of style and/or just want to break out the rut of wearing the same ole’ glasses everyday, then these picks are definitely for you. Please take note: if you’re on a limited budget you might want to skip this trend as you will be stuck with these glasses for a while. Also if you’re a bit on the timid side and don’t like to call a lot of attention to yourself, you might want to skip this trend as well.

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat Shaped Eyeglasses

1. Avenue Louise Cat Eyeglasses, $99.00 at Eyefly

2. Vintage Eyeglasses EGW 09 Imperial Cat Eyeglasses, $85.00 at

Works For: Vintage lovers, Hopeless Romantics
For the woman who was simply born in the wrong era, cat eye frames are back. For an authentic look, search for real vintage frames on eBay or etsy and have your optician change out the lenses.


Wednesday 31st of August 2011

This is great! Another awesome site is Most of the glasses are $39.99 if not just a little more than that. I ordered a pair last week that came up to $44 with shipping. I stumbled across their ad while reading the newspaper on the train. BTW - I dig your concept and think it's really helpful to all frugalistas.


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