How to Choose the Best Springtime Hair Color

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Since the sun has come out for spring, it’s only right that you celebrate the season with a new look of your own. Choosing a hair color that resembles the orange, yellow (and sometimes red) light that the sun reflects is fitting for spring—but which color is right for you? Your hair color should flatter your skin tone and give you an overall brighter appearance. So whether you have chocolate skin, are more of a “mocha” girl, or have buttery beige skin, your spring hair color choice should bring even more attention to how beautiful your Black is.

Tips in Choosing Your Best Springtime Hair Color

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

Credit: BET Blogs

Blonde hair isn’t just for light-skinned women. In fact, if a light-skinned woman with cool undertones went blonde, she’d look washed out and pale. A blonde color looks radiant on medium and medium dark-skinned women with warm undertones. In general, it’s best to go with a lighter blonde to compliment lighter skin; a bright yellow shade of blonde on black skin is shocking and contrasting, but may not be flattering. If you’re thinking of going blonde for spring and have bronze skin that tans easily in the sun, take your hairstyle cues from celebs like Mary J. Blige. The golden, wheat-colored blonde she wears often works as a natural bronzer for her face and gives her a healthy glow. If you have darker brown skin, try blonde highlights a la Naomi Campbell.

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