Makeshift Table Under $35: The Look for Less

Usually the cheapest furniture sources include the thrift store or Craigslist. The major downside is that it can be very time-consuming trying to find something that’s presentable and will also match your style. Not everyone wants to go the secondhand route, but there is a way, however, to have a little more control in your aesthetic and still stay within your price range if you just use a little creativity.

We at The Budget Casa believe you should be able to put together a fabulous-looking table for less than $35, and in two easy steps without having to be a furniture designer. With two simple household items that are never paired together, you can create a makeshift side table by looking at other objects as possible furniture pieces.

Inspired by a Real Simple decorating idea (pictured above), we added our own personal twist to this project. Instead of topping the makeshift table with a glass top – which can be pretty costly – we thought a decorative serving tray would be an even better choice.

While poking around online, we found this sculptural planter ($17.97) at that could be a base for our table. Its tapered design is much more exciting than your typical planter and becomes a unique table base.

A serving tray like this fun Rachael Ray one ($12.99) from matches wonderfully. A couple inches larger than the table base, it is a perfect fit, and you can always super-glue the tray to make it stay.

This table could work as a side table, or you can arrange 2-3 of them together in an ensemble to be used instead of a large coffee table.

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