Quiz! What’s Your Vacation Style?

Summer is around the corner and people everywhere are getting ready to pack their bags and go on vacation! So where will you go? And once you get there, what will you wear? Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, ugghhh, I already took my vacation; that’s okay you can still use your ideal getaway as fashion inspiration. Take this quiz to pinpoint your vacation style — and then use it as your fashion muse!

Try our TBF Vacation Style Quiz!

1. When it comes to distance, I prefer:

  • a) If there aren’t several time changes I don’t feel as though I’ve left. Put me on a eight-hour-plus plane ride so I know I’m far, far from home!
  • b) Why waste time getting there? I prefer driving or taking a train no more than two hours
  • c) I hate jet lag but want to go somewhere fun so I prefer 2-3 hour plane rides
  • d) Hello? I can camp thirty minutes away from my house!

2. When I arrive at my destination I want to:

  • a) Discover! I love trying out the language and local cuisine, then soaking up the history
  • b) Make myself at home by unpacking and staking out the local land, then getting active to get rid of my sore butt from the journey
  • c) Heading directly to the beach (I wore my bikini under my travel garb)
  • d) Set up the tent, scavenge the area for wood to make a fire, and prepare to have a cookout

3. My ideal hotel is:

  • a) Close to the action so I can see as much as possible
  • b) An adult playground–meaning a great pool, golf course, and activities
  • c) Steps from the beach
  • d) No hotel necessary, nature is my host!

4. My favorite activities on vacation are:

  • a) Wining, dining, museums, history, meeting locals
  • b) Hiking, biking, boating, golfing–active relaxation
  • c) Summer reads, sun-soaking, relaxing
  • d) Chillaxing in nature

5. My bag usually has:

  • a) Chic clothes that fit in with my surroundings
  • b) Less is more of active gear
  • c) A couple swimsuits, flip-flops, a towel and SPF
  • d) Hiking shoes, compass, S’mores ingredients & bug repellant

6. My vacation is best spent:

  • a) Alone, with one other (best friend or love)
  • b) Friends
  • c) My life partner
  • d) Family or friends

7. ) I want to get ______ out of my vacation

  • a) A new insight and perspective on the world from a new culture
  • b) Time to unwind via physical activity by day, grilling or eating out by night
  • c) A great tan
  • d) A chance to breathe in the fresh air


Courtney is a fashion and travel writer for Glamour Magazine, Runway Live, Europe from a Backpack, Societe Perrier and The Budget Fashionista. With a passion for global cultures she spends much of her year abroad in Paris, Krakow and Rio. Her screenplay, "Good Morning Baby", was produced into a film by Moxie Pictures starring Piper Perabo, and she has a novel on the way.

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