Petite Fashion: Short Jeans on a Budget by Angela

As a petite woman attempting to be fabulous while watching the bottom line, I have a complaint, which, for the moment, I will direct at Target.
Target, I am a loyal customer. I purchase skirts, tops, sweaters, jackets, shoes, year in and year out. But where, oh where, are my jeans? Yes, I know you carry short sizes, at least online – but in stores (and I’ve been to lots of stores) I usually find denim cut with an Amazon in mind (like The Budget Fashionista herself, who is 5 ft 10 inches)- or, at least, a woman over 5’5”.
But Target’s not the only one – a good short jean (without a budget-breaking price tag) is hard to find. Petite departments are great for many things, but denim? Not so much. And some stores, like JC Penney, that do offer short sizes give us only three or four styles to choose from, while “average” height girls get a veritable smorgasbord.
Fortunately, while we’re waiting for some major retailers to get with the program, others have already figured out that the vertically-challenged have cash to spend, too. If you’re short (or taller than average, for that matter), these stores have some cute, quality denim made with you in mind:
Old Navy. With sizes ranging from 0-20, in short, average, and long, Old Navy has the budget jean for a wide range of body types all wrapped up. Love love love the Sweetheart jean. And with a top price of about $35, you can afford more than one pair.
New York and Company. While their denim selection isn’t vast, New York and Company offers perfectly acceptable basics, and sizes include 2-18, in petite, average and tall. This is also my go-to spot for work pants that look professional and fit great.
Lane Bryant. Let’s not forget that being short doesn’t necessarily mean being a size 2. Lot’s of curvier girls need shorter length, too, and Lane Bryant offers great looking denim in petite cuts, sizes 14-32.
Gap. I’m including the Gap because, let’s face it, they have great jeans, but the price isn’t always as budget-friendly as I’d like. However, their petite denim on a good sale day? Fantastic.
~ Angela


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