3 Indie Nail Polishes Worth Your Dinero

Polish & Co., $12 each

Polish & Co.'s

Every one of Polish & Co.’s nail polishes is good enough to eat. Think Marie Antoinette meets old school bubblegum Britney. The $12 per bottle price tag may throw you for a budgetnista loop, but you get a decent .5 oz supply that’ll last for a while. And finding colors similar (for less dinero) is a mission not even Christopher Columbus would take. The three colors I tried (Any Place Any Time, Mint to Tell You and Get Over it) are all dried medium-matte and super pigmented. One coat is definitely enough and pooling or streaking is not an issue.

Get the look: Apply Any Place Any Time to full nail and let dry. Using a steady hand and paint brush (or striping tape), create a triangle on the bottom with Mint to Tell You. I was craving glitter, so I used Floss Gloss’s Dimepiece (a holographic silver glitter) for the accent nail and the top triangle. Using a striping tool, paint white lines to create an argyle design.

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    Floss Gloss? Hmmm you are awakening a nail PJ! I just overcame that title where hair is concerned. Now nail polishes have my attention.  I have a ton of favorite brands in various price groups…Sally Hansen, Butter London, Sinful Colors and Essie

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