Hot Nail Trends: Read This Before You Proceed….

We have to admit, that we’re into all the new nail trends (except that one nail trend where people cut up $50/$100 bills and glue them into their gels, that is ridiculous). Otherwise, we’re all over the polish infused with sparkles, nail stickers, gel nails, and the neon colors. That being said, we know that not all of us can (or should) wear rhinestone encrusted orange neon nail art. So we break down, along with expert Aija Vilemsonne of, how to choose the nail art trend that is best for you.

Hot New Nail Trends

Black Nails

black nails Hot Nail Trends: Read This Before You Proceed....

We love the black nail trend (yes, this trend was stolen from all the goth kids and Marilyn Manson). Unfortunately, they are really only appropriate for younger women. Not that older women (50 and above) can’t wear this nail trend, it’s that this trend makes age spots on the hands of older women more prominent. Our advice for older fashionistas is to opt for dark purple or blue. nail polish.