Women Over 40: How to Style a Moto Jacket

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Confession time. I just bought a faux leather moto jacket from Forever21 for $40. Oh yes and I’m over 40. Seems like I may have broken one, maybe two of those ‘rules’ about age-appropriate fashion — but who cares? The moto jacket is a timeless piece (just ask Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian…) and I love my $40 find. Plus, the purchase inspired me to share these tips for you, my fashionistas over 40, on how to style your moto jacket this fall and winter.

How to Style a Moto Jacket When You’re Over 40


Do try on many motos before you buy one. Yes, the bright red jacket may be stunning, but how often are you really going to wear it? Choose a style and color that fits in your existing wardrobe. And before you whip out the credit card, do a mental scan of your closet. If you can’t think of five different ways to wear that jacket, don’t buy it.

Do pair your moto with a midi skirt. I love motos with midi skirts! Either a pencil style or A-line skirt looks amazing. Add tights and/or simple tall boots and you’re ready for the winter.

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Do wear your moto over a floral dress. Motos work with floral dresses too! The coupling of the tough, structured jacket with something very feminine makes for a well-balanced ensemble. Also, you’ll find this works best with a dress that has a fitted top and fuller skirt. Hopefully it goes without saying to stay away from bodycon.

moto jacket with a floral dress

Do try the cropped pant/ moto combo. Cropped pants and sneaks paired with a moto jacket make for a stylish, classy combo. Straight-fit, cropped pants can be tough for some body types, so know what suits you and adjust as necessary.

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