Herbal Essences Loves at Target

What: Target has partnered with Herbal Essences to launch Herbal Essences Loves, a collection of new and exclusive products with limited edition packaging created by their Herbal Essences Loves Design Competition winner up-and-coming designer and Rhode Island School of Design student Brooklyn Boston. The bottle are sold for $2.99 each, exclusively at Target.

What They Say:

“I was inspired by illustrator Stina Persson. I love the loose quality of her watercolor face illustrations. The colors are monochromatic but have an intensity and gestural quality that I am really drawn to. I was also inspired by the artist Francois-Marie Banier and his ad campaign for Diane von Furstenberg, where he incorporated layers of ink and paint in beautiful, saturated colors. The campaign not only represented the brand but was also an incredible piece of art,” says Boston.

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