Style Deconstructed: Queen Latifah

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Queen Latifah does it all; she raps, sings, acts, produces and she’s a published author. In short, she’s a bonafide mogul! But it doesn’t end there, Queen Latifah is a style icon in her own right. And at the end of the day, you can count on her looking tight, no matter what the occasion. She knows what works for her color wise, shape wise and style wise, and she’s not afraid to show off her fashion savvy, her many curves and have fun at the same time! So we took a moment to break down Queen’s Latifah’s amazing style.

Queen Latifah Style

1. Know your color palette and work it!

Queen Latifah Palette

The Queen knows what looks good on her in the color department and sticks to a similarly hued palette of warm colors like hot pink, turquoise and regal midnight blue (she is the Queen, after all). She is tres au currant as all these colors are very in this fall.

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  • Carole Hector

    Beautiful lady. So classy.

  • Celeste

    One of my favorite celebrities, and she is hands down fabulous! She really has style, from the inside out. Excellent post.

  • Queen Latifah is the perfect example of knowing what works for you and killing it! She is a beautiful woman, because she is confident in herself. By being comfortable in your own skin, you won’t be afraid to show off the things you love about yourself. If you don’t have that, you won’t reach your full fashion potential. Plus, you’ll miss out on the trends! Overall, size is no excuse to shy away from fashion. There is something for everyone.

  • Seen her from “Taxi”. and the personality she has on that movie is very different from what I am seeing now. She may not be that sexy but with the clothes she’s wearing, she totally knock us out!

  • I like her, I like such heroes, live with wisdom and confidence, exactly our example.